New Home Source PROFESSIONAL's New Portal Offers One-Stop New Homes Inventory/Education Solution

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 20 July 2016 13:26

By David Fletcher, Founder, New Home Co-Broker Academy LLC

“Could you or anyone else tell me if there is one source out there, where I can go to get all the information I want or need about new construction?”

This question was raised by a new Realtor to the 62 agents who had just completed a three-hour seminar, conducted by yours truly.  Not one was suggested

Then lo and behold, two days after the seminar, New Home Source Professional (NHSPR) introduced its revamped portal to the nation’s Realtors, with this claim:

“New Home Source Professional, from Builders Digital Experience, Inc., is the premier web site for real estate professionals to get all of the information that they need about new construction homes for their clients.

Listings are delivered daily to New Home Source Professional directly from builders, ensuring that all information is reliable and up-to-date. Think of it as the MLS for new homes

“Featuring thousands of new homes, communities and builders, New Home Source Professional is designed as a companion to the MLS and the most comprehensive resource available to agents -- and it is free to use.”

I couldn’t help it. I had to check it out for myself.

In my opinion, it’s more than a ‘companion to the MLS”. It is also a companion to any real estate agent who not only needs to find the right inventory on demand, but needs to address the unknowns of working with new home buyers and new home builders, a growing need that portends to become even more demanding in the days ahead.

According to the website, feedback from their large database of

Agents may sign up for access tools only they may use, like:

·         Share saved listings with clients via your customized consumer portal

·         Review available commission and registration info from builders

·         See exclusive agent promotions and events from builders.

They can find all of the details they need to best serve their home buyers, including:

·         Comprehensive inventory across all markets

·         Numerous search options

·         Community details and amenities

·         Home pricing, rooms, square footage and amenity information

·         Photos and floor plans

·         Maps and directions

·         Saved listings and searches

·         A free Consumer Portal to share information with clients

·         Contact information for builders

·         Exclusive agent and consumer promotions

·         Local builder events

·         Agent compensation details from builders

·         Weekly email updates on new inventory and incentives

·         Educational content to learn about selling new homes

What do they mean by ‘educational’ content? To the Realtor community it means a resource unlike anything on the internet to help them show and sell new homes.

 Here’s a sample:

·         Is a New Home Right for Your Client? 

·         Communication is Key to the New Home Building Process 

·         After The Model Tour, Make Sure Your Clients Walk The Homesite 

·         How to Find a Builder That Fits Your Client’s Needs 

·         Agents can sign up for this free service on New Home Source Professional.

Any of these of interest?

  • How To Show New Homes 
  • How to Register Your Buyer with a Builder 
  • How to Manage and Minimize Buyer Objections
  • Communication is Key to the New Home Building Process 
  •   When Will You Get Paid for a New Home Sale?
  •   Is a New Home Right for Your Client?
  • After The Model Tour, Make Sure Your Clients Walk the Homesite 
  • How to Find a Builder That Fits Your Client’s Needs 
  • What to Know About Sitting the Model for a Builder
  • Custom or Production: Which is Right for Your Buyer?
  • How To Tell if a Builder Is Serious About Working With You
  • A slide presentation explaining The Building Process

Funded and endorsed by a consortium of the top U.S. homebuilders, Builders Digital Experience (BDX) is the first national marketplace focused specifically on the new home market.

A newly constructed home offers consumers a wide selection of styles, locations, options and features that aren't available in existing homes.

BDX's network of web sites provides agents and their prospective home buyers with the most comprehensive information and selection of new homes available online.

BDX is a division of Builder Homesite, Inc. and is headquartered in Austin, Texas. Builder Homesite was formed by a consortium of the nation's premier homebuilders to improve and enhance the home ownership experience.

The next time one of your fellow agent’s asks if there is a central source for everything the agent wants or needs to know about working with new home construction, send them to

Be sure  to remind them that if they register for free, they will never have to ask that question again.


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