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They're Your 1000 Years

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 04 January 2000 00:00

Canadians welcomed 2000 with a thunder of fireworks in a widely-televised, coast-to-coast celebration that linked the country in a blaze of colour and song from St. John's, Newfoundland, to Ucluelet, British Columbia. Now that 2000 is here, the question is "What are you going to do with it?" And, January resolutions aside, what are you going to do with your 1000 years?

Whether you believe the Millennium began January 1 or use the actual start date of January 1, 2001, you are among a select group in history who are in at the beginning of a 'clean slate' of one thousand years.

Since chances are you will not live to see the next Millennium roll in, you better make the most of the one you've got. But if Canadians have trouble enough making 'the most' of a year, isn't a thousand years too much time to handle?

"Aim for top of the fence and you'll hit the ground. Aim up and over and you'll clear the fence," said Mr. Moat, my grade 5 teacher, in the best lesson I learned during public school. This approach may help you tackle your 1000 years. Make a committed effort for success and your attitude will make the difference - often on a scale you never imagined.

The big message is that this is your Millennium. The Millennium does not belong to a country, a government, a corporation or The Elite. The Millennium belongs to you. These are your 1000 years. Since through the Internet the world is only seconds away, you can make an impact on history on whatever scale you choose.

Kickstart something in the "somebody ought to do something about..." category. Keep something going that is threatened with extinction. Learn more about how your immediate world works so that you can identify every-day opportunities for improvement.

Home is a good place to start working on your Millennium.

Home is more than the building you live in. It's more than the rooms you eat and sleep in. Home is more than bricks and mortar. December 31, 1999 demonstrated that home is at the core of an individual's sense of security and purpose as record numbers of Canadians chose to celebrate this momentous New Year's Eve on home ground. Home is where you belong and it's the family, friends and neighbours you share the belonging with.

Home will be headquarters for the new Millennium. During 2000, I'll explain what that will mean for you, millions of other Canadians and our world.

Happy New Year! Enjoy your 1000 years!

Editor's Note: Watch CBC Television's Venture, Tuesday 8:30 pm EST, for PJ Wade's views on small business opportunities in the next Millennium or join the phone-in on Halifax's CJCH Radio from 9 to 10 am EST when PJ will answer your questions about inventing your own future. Visit PJ's site for details.

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