Kathie FitzPatrick
June 2023

These Are Six of the Most Expensive Home Repairs
When you become a homeowner, you’re taking on not just the cost of your mortgage and down payment, but you also have to budget for those expenses you might not expect. The repairs you may need to do to your home through your ownership can be nearly impossible to predict and often tough to avoid.
      Some of these projects are major and have a big price tag, but preventative maintenance efforts can help reduce the risk you run into one of these issues.
      1. Roof Repairs Your roof is protecting everything else in your home, and if it needs repairs, it’s critical to be proactive about making sure they get done. The difficult part, along with the cost of
U.S. averages as of June 2023:

30 yr. fixed: 6.57%
15 yr. fixed: 5.97%
5/1 yr. adj: 5.99%

cost of roof repairs, is first that it can be tough to realize there’s a problem until it grows into something much larger. The second issue is that storms often cause roof damage, and there’s
houseWondering What Your Home Is Worth?

Let me show you.

Biggest vs. Smallest House in the Neighborhood
     Okay, let’s address the obvious first. The biggest house has more square footage than the smaller one. Duh. But that’s not what we’re going to talk about today. As it relates to appraised value is the message here.
      When lenders assign value during a purchase transaction, they start with the sales contract. The sales contract should reflect the lowest the seller was to accept compared to the highest price the buyer will pay, all other things being considered. This conjunction works in a non-distressed transaction. A non-distressed transaction is one where the sellers aren’t motivated by the threat of a foreclosure or sudden family issues that might force a quick disposal of the property. What we’re talking about is a fair, open market where

How Does Real Estate Crowdfunding Work?
     If you’d like to be involved in real estate investing, it’s a bit of a tricky time right now. Traditional methods of investing in real estate aren’t necessarily going to make a lot of financial sense during a time when interest rates are incredibly high and might even rise from here, inventory is low, there’s significant economic uncertainty, and prices are still elevated.
      That doesn’t mean you have to count yourself out of real estate investing. Instead, you might just have to shift your strategy.
      One option that people are increasingly considering is real estate crowdfunding, which makes investing in real estate more accessible.
      You might already have some familiarity with the term crowdfunding, as it’s often used to raise money to create businesses or for charitable causes.
      Now, however, you can become a real estate investor

What Is Maximalist Interior Design?
     In stark contrast to minimalism in interior design is what's being called maximalist. If you haven't heard of it, it's one of the biggest trends right now regarding home design, and it's having its moment. The idea of maximalism isn't necessarily new, but how people incorporate it into their homes has changed.
      Maximalists have existed for centuries. It was historically a way for the wealthy to showcase their collections and expensive items. It was seen in the Victorian era, with every inch of space covered with something decorative, but prior to that period as well.
      The current iteration of maximalism does hold true to some of the original concepts. It's a way to curate your space and showcase what you love. You can also design a home that reflects who you are and your personality.
      Interestingly, some design experts feel like the popularity of maximalism has grown along with the economy. Following the Great Recession in 2008, there was more interest in minimalism, and as the economy recovered, so did the love of maximalism. Now that we're perhaps nearing another economic

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