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January 2023
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5 Housing Predictions for 2023
It’s tough to believe we’re nearing the end of 2022. What started as a booming real estate market at the beginning of the year, with mortgage rates still near record lows and a seemingly strong economic recovery post-pandemic, has given way to some severe headwinds since then.
      As we’re closing out 2022, interest rates have risen to record-high levels, yet home prices have remained stubbornly high. Inflation is also breaking records, and there are starting to be signs of layoffs, although most economists feel these should stay limited to certain sectors, namely tech.
      With all this bad news, it’s hard to think about buying a home, but could
U.S. averages as of January 2023:

30 yr. fixed: 6.47%
15 yr. fixed: 5.83%
5/1 yr. adj: 5.45%

could 2023 be the right time to do so? What will the real estate market look like as we head into a new year?
      The following are some housing predictions to watch
houseWondering What Your Home Is Worth?

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10 Easy Solutions for Creating More Storage at Home
     If you’re frustrated with the lack of storage in your home, you’re not alone. Forbes reports that, “Most buyers are looking for extra storage space to organize and declutter their homes. Garage storage solutions and walk-in pantries rank high for organizing and concealing items.”
      Take a new look at your house Don’t have enough linen space? Maybe there’s a corner or niche that could be turned into a closet. It might just take an open mind and a fresh outlook to reimagine a space. 
      Pick the right furniture “A hardworking family needs a hardworking living area, one that uses every inch of space available,” said Better Homes and Gardens. “Built-in cabinets stash books and media and provide a bonus

5 Steps For An Easy And Impactful Kitchen Makeover
     Renovating a kitchen can be a huge expense, and a huge hassle, but you can get a brand-new feel at a fraction of the average cost. That means forgoing major structural, plumbing, or electrical changes and concentrating on fixtures, finishes, and fanciful details.
      Counters If you just don't have the money for quartz but you want a sleeker look, The Spruce has several ideas for covering over your existing countertops with everything from paint to paper. We love this concrete look that was achieved for just $200 by pouring Level Quick Concrete right over tile counters!
      Cabinets One word: Paint. A dingy, dark, or outdated kitchen can be transformed with this one task. You can read a thousand different articles that discuss DIY versus hiring a pro, but all you really need to ask yourself is this: Are you up for the challenge?
      The truth is, painting your kitchen

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What to Tell Your Kids When They Want to Buy Their First Home
     It’s an exciting time when you buy your first home. Kinda scary but still very, very fun. You’ve bought your first, second or even third home so by now you know what’s going on. In real estate and mortgages, there's a brand new language set, some words only used in the world of real estate. Just the word ‘mortgage’ is a classic example. Yes, mortgage is used in other contexts but  is primarily connected with real estate. You can remember back when you started buying your first home, you were most likely excited and anxious but when the business end of the deal starts shaping up it takes on a whole other dimension.
      Okay, so you’re sitting there at the dinner table and you get a call from your eldest who says, “I want to stop renting and buy this home I saw down the street.” How do you react? There are plenty of reactions but the first most likely will be to tell your child that it’s all much more than the excitement. There’s some pretty boring things, too. There’s lots of paperwork to sign, for starters.
      They’ll need money for not only the down payment but there will also be funds

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