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December 2020
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What Should You Know About IKEA Kitchens?
Kitchen remodels are a popular but pricey project for many homeowners. With people spending more time at home right now because of COVID-19, undoubtedly, many are considering remodels.
      To save money on kitchen projects, some homeowners go the IKEA kitchen route.
      You can ultimately save thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars, but is it worth it? That’s a decision that’s up to the individual, but there are certain things to know about an IKEA kitchen.
      Designing an IKEA Kitchen One of the big challenges with the IKEA kitchen is the initial design process. You can go to a store location and have someone
Mortgage Rates
U.S. averages as of December 2020:

30 yr. fixed: 2.72%
15 yr. fixed: 2.28%
5/1 yr. adj: 3.16%

help you with the design. If you live near an IKEA, that can simplify things, and you avoid the potential of your mistakes derailing your project.
Wondering What Your Home Is Worth?

Let me show you a way to obtain current information.

Using Income from Tips to Help Qualify
     For those in the service industry, getting additional income from tips for many accounts for quite a bit of an employee’s take-home pay. In fact, it’s not unusual for someone working in a restaurant to get the majority of the income from tips as the employer pays a minimum wage. Tip income is a big deal. But when it comes to getting approved for a home loan, while tip income can be rather significant, borrowers need to be aware of how that tip income can be used to help qualify.
      First, there needs to be a history of receiving it. Borrowers must be able to show receiving income over the previous two years. In addition, this income must also be consistent. Providing a two-year history helps lenders make the determination the income will continue into

Architect, Designer or Contractor: Who To Hire for a Renovation?
     If you’re going to do a home renovation or remodeling project, you may want to work with professionals for several reasons. Working with a professional in the remodeling industry can help you avoid costly mistakes, can help you get organized, and can bring your vision to life.
      There are three main types of professionals you might consider working with on a renovation.
      There are an architect, a designer and a contractor.
      Knowing what differentiates them from one another can help you make the right decision for your project.
      The Role of a Designer A designer can help you by coming up with ideas, creating plans and steering you in a direction based on your wants and needs. Of those, for many people, drawing the plans can be the most important role of a designer. A basic design plan might include a floor plan and built-in features, such as


2018-Single family residential (exclusive of Condo Units & MFH): Medium Residential Sales Price-$195,000 compared to $185,000 in 2017. Units sold up approx. 1% from 2017. Based on information from the Northern New England Real Estate Network for the period of 1-1-17 through 12-31-18 for Cheshire County NH.

What Might the Spring Housing Market Bring?
     This year has been nonstop uncertainty. The coronavirus pandemic led to shutdowns and changes in everyone’s way of life. That’s continuing as we head into winter. Cities have been hard-hit not only in terms of public health but also economically.
      There has been a move away from urban areas as many people are packing up to find homes with more space, less proximity to others, and perhaps more peace of mind.
      Despite all of those factors, the housing market is one thing that’s had a consistently rosy picture this year. So, what do experts think next year will bring? Will that positivity hold steady, or are we in for a bust?
      Rising Prices If inventory remains low into early 2021, it’s possible that home prices could continue to go up. The median asking price for properties in September 2020, according to, was $350,000. That was up more than 11% compared to last year. Again, if there continues to be a lot of buyer competition and a significant shortage of properties, and little new inventory coming onto the market, this trend could

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