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October 2022
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Are Multiple Loan Queries Always a Problem?
A loan query as it relates to mortgages refers to the act of someone or some company that applies for a new loan. On its face there's nothing really derogatory about that. After all, consumers apply for new loans every day. Some might make an application but decide they didn't want the loan after all.
      First, there are two basic types of loan queries- a hard query and a soft query. What's the difference? A hard query is a direct request by a consumer or a company to view a credit report. A soft query is one where a credit company, often a new credit card, runs a soft query when deciding whether or not they want to extend to you an offer for a new credit
U.S. averages as of October 2022:

30 yr. fixed: 6.7%
15 yr. fixed: 5.96%
5/1 yr. adj: 5.3%

soft query won't bother credit scores whatsoever. But a hard query, or rather multiple queries, can. When someone begins shopping for a mortgage and makes an application,
houseWondering What Your Home Is Worth?

Let me show you a way to obtain current information.

6 Boho Design Mistakes to Avoid
     Bohemian or boho interior design is one of the most popular aesthetics. This design style is characterized by rattan, soft rugs, cozy throws, unique textures, and a lot of organic elements, including greenery. The goal of boho style is something that feels inviting, low-key and laidback.
      When you follow boho design principles, your space feels casual and like it’s lived-in. There are also eclectic elements.
      While there’s no wrong way to decorate your home if you want to make it your own, there are some things you might want to avoid if your goal is boho design.
      1. Going Overboard On Any One Material Rattan is one of the natural materials often used in a bohemian design, as are

How Can You Break a Lease Legally?
     Sometimes, people find themselves in situations where they need to break their lease. You can legally break a lease sometimes, but the situations where it is legal are pretty limited.
      One reason you can break a lease legally is if the property is violating habitability standards. The law requires landlords to maintain a property in a “fit and habitable” condition. This means tenants need access to running water at all times, and trash bins must be provided. Landlords must perform repairs, follow health and safety codes, and clean common areas.
      A tenant can file a health or safety complaint if these things aren't done.
      If a formal complaint is required, an inspector visits the property to see if there’s any merit. The inspector will decide if the complaint is valid, and a landlord is sent a notice of violation. The landlord is then given a certain number of days within

Cheshire County NH Single family residential (exclusive of Condo Units & MFH): 2020 Medium Residential Sales Price=$250,000 compared to $220,000 in 2019. Units sold remained same. Based on information from the New England Real Estate Network for the period of 11/1/2019 through 12-31-20

How To Pick Out a Great Loan Officer
     There are lots of loan officers out there. Lots of them. So if you have so many from which to choose, how do you identify the best ones? Not all of them will be first class. Some are good, some are simply competent and some are really, really great. How do you make sure you get one of those really, really great loan officers?
      One way is to pick from one of the loan officers referred to you by your real estate agent. Mortgage loan officers know that real estate agents are a gold mine when it comes to referrals. After all, they're into the buying and selling of homes every single day. 
      One main thing these agents want out of their loan officers is trust. They trust that the loan officer will close their deal on time, every time. They also appreciate the times when told upfront that a particular potential buyer might have a few bumps in the road and is not quite yet in a position to buy. Loan officers referred to you by your agent have earned that trust by making sure their deals make it across the finish line.
      Another way is to find out how long an individual has been in

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