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Kitchen Trends to Watch in 2023
With a new year comes new plans for your home. People are increasingly thinking about ways to stay in their homes because of high interest rates but make them more livable and in line with their needs.
      A kitchen redesign is one of the most desirable home projects for many people.
      With that in mind, the following are some of the biggest kitchen design trends to keep an eye on right now.
      Smart Technology The evolution of smart technology is impressive, and the integration of this technology in kitchens is likely to increase and expand in 2023. For example, appliances connected to Wi-Fi that are voice-activated will
U.S. averages as of February 2023:

30 yr. fixed: 6.13%
15 yr. fixed: 5.17%
5/1 yr. adj: 5.42%

will be a big trend, and smart faucets that are touchless will be as well.
      The benefit of smart kitchens includes not only convenience but also the fact that
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The State of Spending on Home Improvements
     According to a new report, Americans spent $624 billion on home improvement projects between 2019 and 2021, but a potential recession and inflation could affect this going forward.
      There were around 135 million home improvement projects going on from 2019-21, according to the American Housing Survey, which the U.S. Census Bureau conducts. That represented approximately $100 billion in increased spending compared to the previous survey looking at the years between 2017 and 2019.
      The two-year period the survey looked at started before the COVID-19 pandemic and went through the lockdown periods when many people were taking on ambitious projects around the house. That was also when homes, even when they needed significant

What’s On a Rental History Report?
     A rental history report is something that a landlord or property manager will rely on pretty heavily to judge an applicant’s performance as a tenant in the past. If you have a positive rental history, you will be much more likely to secure a home, especially in a competitive market.
      Rental history reports are documents that a reporting agency compiles, which are a comprehensive look into your rental history. They could include information about evictions, past landlords, debts, addresses where you’ve lived, and other information relevant to you as a renter.
      There are a lot of reporting agencies that provide screenings for landlords.
      A rental history report isn’t the same as a credit report, but it’s pretty likely a landlord will use both to screen you.
      Specific Information That’s On Your Rental History Report While it can vary

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