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October 2020
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Creating an Optimal Virtual Learning Space
Children around the U.S. are learning virtually this school year. Some districts are entirely virtual for the time being. Others are doing a hybrid approach combining virtual and in-person learning.
      Parents are wondering how they can facilitate the best possible experience for their kids when they’re learning virtually. A lot of that has to do with creating a good environment that’s conducive to learning.
      Choose a Space Separate From Living Areas. One of the most important things to keep in mind when creating a learning space is that it needs to be quiet and separate from the main living and traffic areas of the home. You want your kids to not
Mortgage Rates
U.S. averages as of October 2020:

30 yr. fixed: 2.90%
15 yr. fixed: 2.40%
5/1 yr. adj: 2.90%

to not only be able to focus but also to be able to separate the time they’re learning from the time they’re doing other things.
      Transforming a guestroom can
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How to Destress Downsizing
     There are a lot of reasons you might feel like it’s time to downsize and move into a smaller home.
      If you’re now an empty-nester, that’s one good reason. Even families who still have children at home often opt to downsize to save money on their mortgage and to have less upkeep and maintenance.
      If you spend all of your free time maintaining a larger home than what you need, you have less time to enjoy your life.
      When you downsize to a smaller home, you can declutter and enjoy lower utility bills.
      Living in a smaller home requires you to think about your priorities and get rid of things that aren’t

Financing a Rental Property: What to Know
     With interest rates flirting again with historic lows over the past couple of months, many are looking to invest in real estate. Rates are low and as such the situation offers the opportunity for monthly cash flow as well as long term appreciation. If you’re looking to expand your portfolio and get beyond stocks, bonds and mutual funds, adding real estate might be an option. When financing a rental, there are some things you need to know about before moving much further along.
      The first is how much cash you’ll need at the closing table. Conventional loan programs ask for a minimum of 20% for a down payment and can offer slightly better terms with a 25% down payment. Owner-occupied loan programs can ask for a minimum down payment of 5%, with certain targeted areas qualifying for a 3% down option. One of the drivers behind the difference in down payment requirements for the same type of property is private mortgage insurance, or PMI. Down payments

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How Can You Get a Mortgage If You’re a Freelancer?
     Being a freelancer, contract worker, gig worker, or anyone self-employed is more common and popular than ever right now. There are downsides, such as the lack of benefits like health insurance. At the same time, there are more upsides for many professionals who choose to work this way.
      Upsides include freedom and flexibility to make your own schedule, unlimited earning potential, and the ability to have the work-life balance that allows you to create your own lifestyle.  
      There is an issue that can arise if you’re a freelancer or contractor, though.
      How do you get a mortgage?
      When you apply for a mortgage as a traditional employee, you’ll probably show your proof of income through your job, but it can be a bit trickier if you don’t have a traditional employer. You’re also going to face more scrutiny from lenders.
      Keep Up with Relevant Documents Over the years, it’s easy to be disorganized as far as how you keep up with your earnings and expenditures, but come time to apply for a mortgage

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