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October 2019
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New Program Makes It Possible to Rent Tesla Solar Panels
Dreaming of Tesla solar panels but don’t want to pay the thousands of dollars out of pocket to purchase them? The company is now offering solar panels for rent in six states as it rolls out a test program: Arizona, California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey and New Mexico. 
      With no upfront costs, homeowners now have a newly affordable opportunity to add Tesla solar power to their home. 
      How it works: Homeowners don’t pay for installation and can start the process with a small deposit—as low as $50, which covers the first month of service. The monthly cost is fixed, and includes the panels
Mortgage Rates
U.S. averages as of October 2019:

30 yr. fixed: 3.64%
15 yr. fixed: 3.16%
5/1 yr. adj: 3.38%

themselves, hardware, and ongoing support and maintenance.
      The systems come in three sizes: “In every eligible state except for California, Tesla will
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Can’t Afford to Buy a Home? Have You Looked Into Down Payment Assistance?
     What’s the No. 1 reason renters fear taking the leap to homeownership or don't even think the leap is possible? That pesky down payment. Even with an FHA loan that requires a minimum of only 3.5% down, the idea of setting aside several thousand dollars is daunting at the least (and, in many cases, darn near impossible).
      A survey from Apartment List shows that most millennial homebuyers can’t come up with the funds for a down payment. "Seventy-two percent of millennial renters who plan to purchase a home cite affordability as a reason that they are delaying homeownership, with 62 percent pinpointing a lack of down payment savings specifically,” they said. "Forty-eight percent

How to Get a Jump on Fall Home Projects
     Starbucks just released a new pumpkin flavored drink and the Halloween gear is starting to replace the patio furniture outside the supermarket. That must mean fall is near. If you’re anything like us, the first freeze hits us and we remember all those projects we wanted to do and never started—projects that will help protect our house and make it run more efficiently. This year, we’re starting early to get our house ready for the cold, and you can too. 
      Consider your window coverings Conventional wisdom says you should trade out your lightweight draperies for something more substantial for the colder seasons. But sheers are great in fall and winter. Letting some sunlight trickle through can help heat the home while still providing privacy, and they can be added to any window, regardless of the type of treatment you already have. 
      Mulch. That. Yard.  "Should you

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It’s a DIY World out There. Are You Game?
     More and more homeowners are looking to save money, gain valuable experience, and take pride in their places by doing their own home fixes and renovations. But when do you know if a project is DIY-worthy or DIY-crazy? 
      We’re looking at five of the most popular projects to determine whether you can have at it or you should turn it over to the pros.
      New floors The cost to install new wood floors can range widely, and is largely dependent on the cost of the product itself. HomeAdvisor estimates the cost of installation at $3–8 per square foot; You can save thousands by installing it yourself, but it can be challenging 
      "Installing wood (or wood-like) floors can range from a fairly easy DIY project to one that requires a good bit of carpentry and finishing skills,” said Today’s Homeowner.
      Truth be told, installation is hard on the knees, hard on the back, tedious, and seemingly never-ending—and also incredibly satisfying if you pull it off. "Flooring is one of the most popular home

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