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May 2024

What Sellers Should Know About Pets and Showings
Buyers and their agents need to feel welcome to look at the property at their leisure without danger or distractions. So while you adore your sweet-tempered pit bull rescue, he could turn territorial, barking and growling at potential homebuyers. And it could cost you the opportunity to sell your home.
      Think of buyers as guests and work to make them feel comfortable as they consider your home for purchase. If you have a protective dog or one that isn't well-trained, drop her off at doggie day care when you know your home is going to be shown. Or call a pet sitter on call who can take your pet for a long walk while your home is being shown.
      If you
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you must leave the dog at home, don't expect real estate professionals to handle your dog. They are not dog trainers and should not be expected to risk a dog bite to show your home to buyers. This
houseWondering What Your Home Is Worth?

Let me show you.

Putting Zeal In Your Curb Appeal
     Curb appeal, the first impression your home conveys to prospective buyers, should create an emotional desire to own the home and enjoy the lifestyle and status it represents.
      Putting the best face on your home also should give a lasting impression that motivates buyers to cross the threshold and take that first step toward closing the deal.
      Experts advise, more like a home improvement or exterior staging job than a cosmetic makeover, curb appeal that sings is particularly crucial now that more and more buyers are calling the shots.
      Give your house model home level curb appeal for that "new" look and feel and buyers will beat a path to your door. That's because there's nothing like

What Does ‘Prior to Fund’ Mean
     In general, ‘prior to fund’ means your loan approval is almost at the goal post. When lenders issue an initial decision, there will still be things needed to complete even though you’ve submitted everything your lender asked for. There are stages in the loan approval process and even though you probably realize it, lenders have given these stages different names.
      When you receive your initial approval, there will still be some items needed. Usually these items are simply nothing more than getting your loan file in compliance. There are items in your file referred to as credit documents, things such as your paycheck stubs and W2s. These need to be within a 30 day window and many times if your loan application goes beyond 30 days, you’ll be asked to update a few things. This is common, especially so when a loan is submitted for a preapproval before a property is even located. You submit your documentation and begin shopping for a home. In all

How to Start a Home Renovation
     Adding on to your house is a very popular decorating idea nowadays. Whether you've always wanted a new addition or just think it's time to spruce up your home you need to have a plan to make the process go smoothly. From hiring a contracting company to figuring out exactly how to pay for the additions you want, it can be easy to get overwhelmed.
      Making a Plan The first thing you have to do is figure out what kind of addition you're looking to get onto your home and what you'll need to get started. There are multiple options for adding new features to your home or backyard. You can create an entertainment room in your family room, add a fire pit to your yard, add an entirely new room to your house, and so on. Each of these kinds of projects will take a different amount of time and determination to complete, but they'll be great once you're done with them. It can transform your house and make it a more friendly and open atmosphere, or just give you something new to enjoy.
      So if you've got one of the smaller jobs such as the entertainment room or the fire pit, you don't necessarily need a contractor.

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