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March 2020
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4 Tips to Give Your Home a Fresh, Exciting Feel
Does your house still excite you as much as the day you bought it? When you spend time there, do you feel refreshed and excited, or just plain bored? 
      After a few years of ordinary living, it might be time to give your house a facelift. We’re not talking about a full makeover that will set you back thousands of dollars. These tips are simple, yet effective when it comes to freshening up the space where you spend so many hours of your life. 
      Let’s dive in.
      1. Brighten Up Your Wall Colors  Natural light is essential if you want to feel calm and refreshed in your own home. If there are
Mortgage Rates
U.S. averages as of March 2020:

30 yr. fixed: 3.45%
15 yr. fixed: 2.95%
5/1 yr. adj: 3.2%

are certain parts of your house that seem a little dark, it might be that the wall paint isn’t reflecting light enough. 
      Additionally, rooms with fewer
Wondering What Your Home Is Worth?

Let me show you.

5 Appliance Repairs That You Can Do Yourself (and 2 You Shouldn’t)
     Appliances are integral to our daily lives, and when they stop working the way that they should, it can be a serious problem. Many appliance repair jobs tend to cost a lot of money, and can be time consuming to schedule. In many instances, however, it’s possible to do the repair yourself, sometimes in just minutes. The following five repairs can be done by most homeowners, while the last two should always be left to the pros. 
      Replace the Thermostat in The Dryer If the dryer isn’t getting hot, it could be the thermostat. The thermostat often breaks and when it happens, the dryer won’t heat up. You can purchase a new thermostat at most hardware stores for under $80, which is a pretty big savings on most dryer repairs, which cost

Credit Inquiries: When They Really Matter and When They Really Don’t
     A credit inquiry is when an individual or a business requests a credit report from one or all of the three main credit repositories. These repositories are Experian, Equifax and TransUnion and all three use the very same algorithm when calculating the crucial credit scores.
      For most mortgage loan programs, a minimum credit score is required. There are five factors that go into calculating these three digit FICO scores and they are someone’s payment history, account balances, types of credit, how long someone has used credit and requests for new credit, referred to as an inquiry.
      There are two primary types of inquiries, a hard and a soft inquiry. A hard inquiry will have a direct and almost immediate impact on credit scores whereas a soft inquiry will not. A hard inquiry is one where the individual has made a direct request for new credit. The request can be for a new automobile loan, installment loan or a

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Confidence in your Realtor?

 As this year progresses and we get over all the excitement and fear of the corona virus, the market swings and the Fed move on interest rates, life will return to normal or hopefully some reasonable facsimile of it. I thought I would express my opinion of what I think is having "confidence" in your Realtor. I believe when a person hires a realtor to represent them that is actually what they are expecting, someone who is "representing" them and their "best" interests. Now everyone may have a different idea of what that may mean. I think it means is that a Realtor actually asks the questions of their client to know what those things may be. Without asking those questions then it is left up to interpretation. This is where agents get into trouble with their clients. Realtors want to sell themselves so that a prospective client will chose them.


Once picked, the Realtor must provide the confidence to their client that they made the right choice. They can only do that by getting to know the clients wants and needs. Once that is established then and only then can the Realtor move forward to satisfying the needs of their client. If a client has needs that the Realtor can't fulfill then the Realtor should let their client know they will not be able meet those expectations and the reasons why they can't be met. Honesty is the best policy and when it is communicated effectively helps strengthens the relationship rather than diminishes it. Even before the Realtor gets chosen they must be prepared to show as part of their presentation to their prospective client that the prospective client can depend on them through the entire process of buying or selling a home.


For me and my team we have meetings about this subject and discuss what our clients and prospective clients should expect from using our services. Our knowledge and experience allow us to perform to our clients expectations and our goal is to exceed them. 

Remember if you or someone you know if looking to buy or sell a home, please give me a call at 214-676-8040 and I will be happy to assist them. Thank you for allowing The DeBerry Team of KW to always be of service to your real estate needs.

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