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5 Questions to Ponder If You’re Thinking of Buying Your Very First Home
Sometimes it’s simply a small notion that someone at work mentioned. A coworker just bought a first home and they just keep talking about it. Or maybe you start noticing For Sale signs around that were there, but you never noticed them. Perhaps your real estate agent friend keeps telling you it’s time to buy and stop renting. Whatever the motive, buying a first home is a pretty big step. All homeowners remember buying their very first home. Pretty much every detail. They remember where they close and can remember what their settlement agent looked like. They certainly remember the down payment and closing costs and getting the keys to the home handed over to them. It’s pretty exciting. If these
Mortgage Rates
U.S. averages as of September 2019:

30 yr. fixed: 3.55%
15 yr. fixed: 3.03%
5/1 yr. adj: 3.32%

thoughts are swirling in your head, ask these questions to see if they can push you across the goal line.
      How much money do I need? You’ll need
Wondering What Your Home Is Worth?

Let me show you.

10 Easy Solutions for Creating More Storage at Home
     If you’re frustrated with the lack of storage in your home, you’re not alone. Forbes reports that, "Most buyers are looking for extra storage space to organize and declutter their homes. Garage storage solutions and walk-in pantries rank high for organizing and concealing items.”
      Take a new look at your house Don’t have enough linen space? Maybe there’s a corner or niche that could be turned into a closet. It might just take an open mind and a fresh outlook to reimagine a space. 
      Pick the right furniture "A hardworking family needs a hardworking living area, one that uses every inch of space available,” said Better Homes and Gardens. "Built-in

Finding Down Payment Money
     One of the biggest challenges, if not the biggest challenge, is coming up with the money for a down payment on a home. Even if someone is taking advantage of the new conventional 3.0 percent down program or the FHA mortgage, most every loan requires some sort of a down payment. While 3.0 percent doesn’t sound like a whole lot, if you’re buying your first home it usually is. On a $250,000 home, that comes out to $7,500. That’s not even mentioning closing costs. But there are sources for down payment funds that might sometimes be overlooked.
      The Bank. Okay, this is the obvious source. From a checking or a savings account, accessing readily available cash from a bank account is the most common. Consumers can save up a little each month until the minimum amount of funds needed have accrued. The lender will ask for copies of the most recent bank statements showing available funds as well as documenting the source of those

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How Do You Know What To Price Your Home?

 Home sellers always want to know what is the “best price” to put their home on the market. However, most do not know what the market is doing in their area and how their home compares to other homes for sale in their neighborhood. Realtors usually look over the past 6 months to see what has sold in the neighborhood and compare that with the home seller’s home. This does give a “ball park” but it takes a little more research to come up with a “competitive price”.

All homes are different by the way they are maintained, their location, upgrades, and a host of other things that needs to be considered in determining a selling price. For me, I went to appraisal school to see how they put together appraisals. I am not an appraiser but the information I was taught helped me understand how they put a certain value on certain things. I want to make sure the seller can see how I came up with the recommended price based on many factors and not solely relying on the Multiple Listing Information to come up with a competitive price. This information takes longer to put together but I have always felt that it gives my seller an “advantage” in considering the price to place their home on the market. For me and my team we want to make sure we give the “best information” possible so that the seller can make an informed decision.

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