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November 2019
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Scary Issues That Can Kill Your New Home Joy
Be afraid. Be very afraid. That new home you’re thinking of buying might not be as perfect as you think. Danger lurks behind every wall. Or maybe just one. Either way, it's probably something you should know about. 
      Buying a home is full of challenges, and the one that might be the most frustrating of all is finding out there’s something wrong after you’ve already closed escrow. In many cases, you may have recourse against the seller if there is an issue that wasn’t disclosed, or against the home inspector if he or she missed something serious. But even then, you’re still left with a problem you have to deal with when all you want is to be enjoying your new
Mortgage Rates
U.S. averages as of November 2019:

30 yr. fixed: 3.75%
15 yr. fixed: 3.18%
5/1 yr. adj: 3.4%

are eight things to look for before signing on the dotted
Wondering What Your Home Is Worth?

Let me show you.

Now That It’s Fall, Did You Miss the Home Selling Boat?
     Worried you missed your window when it comes to selling your home this year? It’s true that spring and summer are the hottest (literally) seasons of the year, with more buyers out there looking to purchase a home and get settled before school starts. Also, there is some recent data out there that says that October and December are two of the slowest months of the year for home sales. 
      But that doesn’t mean you can’t offload your home now, or that you won’t get a good price if you do. If you have to list now and you want to get your home in the best position to sell quickly and for a good number, heed these tips. 
      Make sure your home is market ready Buyers at this time of

New Appraisal Rule: What Does It Mean for You?
     A new home appraisal rule just went into effect—the first time in 25 years that "federal regulators have increased the property value limit of the homes that require an appraisal as part of the selling process,” said REALTOR® Magazine. The rule exempts some home sales priced at $400,000 and below from requiring an appraisal. That figure was previously capped at $250,000. "The new rules likely apply to about 40% of home sales, regulators estimate.”
      So how will this affect home buyers and sellers? First, it should be noted that those homes that do receive the exemption still have to be evaluated "to provide an estimate of the market value of real estate collateral,” said Housingwire. "The agencies state that the evaluation must be ‘consistent with safe and sound banking practices.’ To that point, the rule establishes that an evaluation "should contain sufficient information and

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The Holidays Are Upon Us!!!!


Happy Holidays Everyone!

Here comes Halloween, Thanksgiving and of course the Christmas Holidays!! As many of you know I just love this time of year! I get to decorate my home, my office and spend time with my family and friends. Larry and I and our whole team are excited about this time of the year! Of course, we are still working at helping our clients with purchasing or selling homes. Some people have asked me do I think it is a good time to sell during this time of the year. First, I would tell you that the market is still a "Sellers Market" however the demand is a little softer this time of year. With that said, those looking for homes during this time are usually very serious buyers. So do I feel this is a good time to sell, yes I do. I think the big opposition to selling is that people don't want to upend their family during the holidays but when you need to you need to and that is why we are here to help.

I just wanted to let you all know how much we appreciated all the referrals that you have given us this year. Every year you have allowed me to be of service and I do appreciate each and everyone of you. I also want to give a shout out to my vendors because we couldn't do what we do without you! Thank you. For all my past clients and those we are presently serving, thank you for allowing us to be of service and continue to provide real estate services to you, your family and friends. Thank you, Thank you!!

I also want to thank our Agents who are so dedicated to helping our clients. As many of you know we have two "Buyer Specialists" on our team, Ragen Jones and Candi White. They work only with buyers of residential real estate and do a fantastic job at helping them. Both Ragen and Candi have been with me for quite sometime and they are extremely good at what they do. We have  a new Seller Specialist, Sergio Velazquez. Sergio came to us with lots of experience and know how and I appreciate that he decided to pick our team to assist me with helping our seller clients. 

 I want to thank my Internal Team Leader, Anna Meskunas. I am so pleased with how she is supporting our coordinators and agents and helping me provide the service to our clients they deserve. The backbone of our team is my Listing Coordinator, Diana Hickson who assists us with our seller clients and our two Closing Coordinators, Janith Boyd and Shelley Kwiatkowski who help our agents and our clients through the closing process. These ladies take the stress out of the real estate transaction by making sure all the i's are dotted and T's are crossed. Thank you for all you do on our team. 

The DeBerry Team wishes each and everyone of you a wonderful and happy Holiday Season!!


Today on-line reviews are important and I would like to ask any of you that have used our services to take a moment post a review of our services via this link: Please Review Us Here!

Remember if you know anyone looking to buy or sell real estate, please give me a call at 214-676-8040. Thank you for allowing us to keep you informed. If you no longer wish to receive this newsletter, just drop me a line at roxanne@thedeberryteam and I will remove you from our list. 


Roxanne DeBerry-Realtor

"The DeBerry Team"


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