Giselle Abadi is the co-founder and CTO of Realtyna Inc. She’s a visionary technical leader with an intense passion for the innovation and design of intricate systems. Her unwavering persistence, paired with her motto “Continual Improvement,” has positioned Realtyna distinctively in the proptech market, offering the most comprehensive suite of tools and services for the real estate industry across various platforms and for all levels.
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Creativity is a highly applicable character trait of those who find success and significance in the business world. In light of this observation, the question of whether creativity can be taught naturally arises. While it’s true that, with sufficient determination, individuals can learn almost anything, teaching your team to think creatively in any industry is contingent upon the approach. As an Anticipatory Leader, the concept of fostering creativity among your employees should manifest in proactively addressing challenges through innovative solutions. This involves the cultivation of intricate ideas, allowing for the creation of remedies well in advance of issues becoming disruptive.
Creativity in Its Most Basic Form Many organizations are playing the competition game, copying ideas in an attempt to stay one step ahead and gain a small fraction of market share. This is a road riddled with friction and little payoff as each player struggles to move one…
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To better understand how common home improvement loans are, LendingTree analyzed the latest housing data to determine where the most home improvement loans are originated. Specifically, we looked at the number of first- and second-lien mortgages used to pay for home improvements for every 100,000 owner-occupied homes in each state. Here's what we found.  Across the 50 states, an average of 361 home improvement loans are originated for every 100,000 owner-occupied houses. Relative to the number of owner-occupied housing units, the most home improvement loans are originated in Utah, Idaho and Rhode Island. The fewest are originated in Alaska, Louisiana and Mississippi.  On average, 77.8% of new home improvement loans across the 50 states are second-lien mortgages. In other words, homeowners are more likely to choose options like home equity loans or home equity lines of credit than cash-out refinances. First-lien mortgages (like cash-out refinances) used for home improvements are much less…
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Joe served as the Director of Global Strategy and Engagement at the National Association of REALTORS®. With over 15 years of experience in the real estate industry, Joe is a collaborative, strategic, and diplomatic professional who serves as a dedicated leader in policy advocacy for the North Bay Association of REALTORS (NBAOR). In the role of Government Affairs Director, Joe exhibit a keen ability to monitor and analyze legislative and regulatory matters affecting the real estate landscape and the interests of NBAOR members. Previously, Joe held the position of Head of Industry Relations where he provided expert-level counsel to executive leadership on a broad spectrum of issues. Joe’s qualifications include a CA Real Estate License and two distinguished certifications awarded by the National Association of REALTORS: Certified International Property Specialist and REALTOR Certified Executive.
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Change is an inevitability of human life. We go through changes as we age from teens into adulthood by moving out of our parents’ houses and going to college or a trade school. And as we move from early adulthood to our 30s, 40s, 50s, and later years, with starting new jobs, getting married, having kids, and retiring, more change occurs. We have become very adept at handling the various changes thrown at us.
However, I would be remiss to say that we handle it well. Quite frequently, we humans do not handle change well, as it is viewed as an “unknown” that ultimately disrupts us. So, whether it is personal or a change you face throughout your professional career, would it not benefit you and fully transform your attitude about change if you were able to actually see the changes coming your way? Controlling Your Perception of Change There are two ways…
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I have talked repeatedly about how the FED continues to look at old data when making decisions about FED policy. We have seen this repeatedly how many of the indicators the FED relies on get updated and revised so that the initial data was almost useless. As we saw in the spring, the FED was looking at inflation and siting the rise in used car prices and hotel rooms as a basis to keep raising interest rates. We all knew these were numbers that were months old, and that recent, more real time data was showing the opposite. They raised rates then, and they are poised to raise rates yet again! At least that’s what two FEB members were calling for this week. FED member Bowman and Kashkari called for further rate hikes. Despite HUGE revisions in employment data, increasing initial jobless claims and continuing claims rising, oil prices and…
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Nationwide, investor purchases fell 30% year over year to the lowest third-quarter level in seven years, as rising mortgage rates, high home prices and a lackluster rental market made investing less attractive Investor purchases of U.S. homes dropped 29.7% year over year in the third quarter, according to a new report from Redfin (, the technology-powered real estate brokerage. Investors purchased 48,667 homes—the lowest level of any third quarter since 2016. By comparison, overall home purchases fell 22.2% to 305,219—the lowest third-quarter level since 2012. The seven metros where investor purchases declined fastest are all in the Sun Belt. Atlanta saw the steepest decline (-49.7%), followed by Charlotte, NC (-49.6%), Jacksonville, FL (-48.2%), Phoenix (-47.4%), Las Vegas (-43.3%), Orlando, FL (-42.6%) and Tampa, FL (-41.3%). This is according to a Redfin analysis of county records across 39 of the most populous U.S. metropolitan areas. The national figures in the report…
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Mortgage-purchase applications are up 3% week over week as homebuyers act on a few pieces of buyer-friendly news: Mortgage rates have dropped from 8% to 7.4% in the last few weeks, there are more homes for sale than there have been all year, and price drops are at a record high. Mortgage rates are falling quickly, dropping from a two-decade high of 8% to 7.4% in the last three weeks, giving homebuyers an opportunity to lock in a lower rate. That’s according to a new report from Redfin (, the technology-powered real estate brokerage. A series of macro-economic events and indicators helped bring rates down last week: The Fed decided against another interest-rate hike, the Treasury announced plans to issue less long-term debt than expected and the job market is growing slower than expected. Buyers should consider locking in a mortgage rate now Redfin economists recommend that serious homebuyers consider…
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