The manufacturing industry plays a crucial role in producing components for automobiles, electronics, medical devices, machinery, and other systems. These components bring ideas to life, transforming them into tangible products. Consider the device you are using to read this article – it likely contains both internal and external manufactured components. The manufacturing industry is continuously evolving at an exponential pace. In the past, I have extensively researched and written about a remarkable technological advancement that is causing significant disruptions across multiple industries. Today, I want to remind all the forward-thinking leaders that this application is accelerating even faster now and will continue to do so in the future: Artificial Intelligence (AI).
Assuming that AI won’t affect your business or organization simply because it hasn’t directly impacted you yet is a critical mistake. AI, autonomous machinery, and AI-enabled software and hardware are here to stay. They are certainties for the…
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Let’s be honest, the Federal Reserve Board has some serious credibility issues. They either spend all their time looking at old and dated data or refuse to accept any information that doesn’t match their own agenda. How else could we have ended up with “Inflation is transitory” situation? How else do we have key elements and components of reports that the Fed says it uses as it’s economic guide that are data points that seriously lag the markets, but view them as if it were real time information? One such data point really drove home this to me. A key inflation component is used car prices. The report the Fed views a model that tracks used car sales that are seriously 90 days or more lagging the markets. So, while that component shows used car prices continuing to rise, in real time markets, those prices have been falling. In fact,…
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If you're yearning for an escape from the daily grind and crave a piece of paradise, RV living might be the perfect solution. With the freedom to travel at your own pace and wake up to awe-inspiring views, RV living offers a one-of-a-kind and adventurous lifestyle. In this article, we'll delve into the allure of RV lots and guide you on how to find your own slice of heaven. The Appeal of RV Living RV living has gained immense popularity due to its numerous benefits. Firstly, it provides the flexibility and freedom to explore wherever your heart desires. Whether you're captivated by majestic mountains or prefer the tranquility of a lakeside retreat, RV living allows you to choose your own adventure. In addition to the freedom, RV living can also be remarkably cost-effective. By owning an RV and a lot, you eliminate the need for costly hotel bookings and dining…
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As the real estate market continues to evolve, it's becoming increasingly clear that broad-stroke marketing approaches are losing ground to more targeted, niche-oriented strategies. As we delve into the concept of niche real estate marketing, we will explore how realtors and real estate businesses can navigate this growing trend and harness its potential for a greater market share. This article will provide insights on how to identify and appeal to target audiences, as well as offer practical tips for implementing successful niche marketing strategies in the real estate sector. Niche marketing strategies for real estate businesses In today's competitive real estate market, standing out requires more than generic marketing strategies. Savvy businesses are turning to niche marketing – a targeted approach designed to engage distinct segments within the broader market. Rather than narrowing opportunities, these strategies help real estate businesses focus their efforts, delivering a personalized, impactful experience to a…
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In the evolving digital landscape, the term “artificial intelligence” (AI) is no longer an alien concept. What’s more intriguing is the advent of generative AI that’s poised to revolutionize various business sectors. However, the inevitable question arises: Will the rise of generative AI pose a threat to the job market? As a futurist and Anticipatory Thinker, I propose that generative AI will not eliminate jobs but instead transform the nature of human work and create new roles that offer significant advantages for businesses in all industries! In turn, this will lead to logical anticipatory action and launch organizations into the future in proactive ways.
Generative AI and How It Triggers Our Fears Before even the most Anticipatory Leader reads the aforementioned declaration and tries to leverage generative AI to their organization’s advantage, let’s first take a step back here and define what generative AI is exactly. In essence, generative AI represents a…
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The bond market has been all over the place, and we have seen rapid movement in both directions in the past few weeks. We also have many originators that are struggling to produce loans and they are promising (and hoping) rates and fees that currently don’t exist to attract business. While this is nothing new for the industry, those that are desperate are taking this to a whole new level and don’t really care who they hurt in the process. It’s a shame, but people will be hurt and to be honest, little to nothing will be done about it other than maybe a tirade on social media about a loan officer that promised one thing and couldn’t deliver.  The issue is real and sometimes, it may cost people more than just money. It may cost them their chance at home ownership, possibly forever! Think about it, a borderline customer…
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New listings have hit their lowest level of any early June on record, limiting home sales and keeping prices afloat New listings of homes for sale fell 25% year over year to their lowest level of any early June on record. That’s according to a new report from Redfin (, the technology-powered real estate brokerage, which analyzed new listings of homes for sale during the four weeks ending June 4. The continued lack of new listings has pushed the total number of homes on the market down 5% year over year to its lowest level on record for early June. Elevated mortgage rates are driving the inventory shortage, with the daily average hitting 6.94% on June 7, near its highest level in two decades. The vast majority of homeowners have a mortgage rate below 6%, discouraging them from listing their home and giving up their relatively low rate.
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