So..what do YOU do when you are so far down in the slumps you can't figure out how to get out? Well I just survived one of those days and maybe what I figured out may help you. Share what you do when you need a boost!
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If you are a US citizen or resident planning to visit Canada, you are most likely wondering what documents you need for this trip. In addition to your ID, driver's license (if applicable) and passport, you will also need a visa. To make it easier for you, we have prepared an article with the most important things you need to know about visas. Traveling to Canada as a US citizen or resident can be a great opportunity to explore a new country, meet new people, and experience a different culture. However, it's important to make sure you have the necessary documents and visas to enter the country legally. In this article, we'll provide you with information on the Canada visitor visa from USA, including who needs one, how to apply, and what requirements you need to fulfill. What is a Canada Visitor Visa? A Canada visitor visa is a type of…
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In my experience as a strategic advisor to business leaders as well as being a serial entrepreneur myself, I find that many people believe that they cannot become entrepreneurs because it is “too late” for them or perhaps the sun has set on their chance to make a massive change in an industry or the world. Whether it is the way entrepreneurship is marketed to the world these days or some other reason, these individuals feel there is a hard deadline on starting a successful business. I have found that there are three common reasons that people believe they cannot become an entrepreneur:  They believe entrepreneurship requires specific training or credentials like other fields of work  They believe success in entrepreneurship comes before a certain age They believe they need to live in a certain area of the world   The great news that I bring to many individuals is…
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As we spoke about last week, the bond market really wants to improve. All the data on Tuesday and Wednesday, along with a lack luster 10yr auction still couldn’t keep the 30yr 5.5% coupon from fighting hard to retake it’s 200 day moving average once again. Make no mistake about it, I’m not saying we are going to see a robust move, not by any means, but I do see that the trend is for prices to improve and rates to go lower. Maybe the phrase will have to be, “Lower, slower” or something like that, but until we clear all of the old data from the first half of last year, even though the signs are all there, the year over year comparisons will still look worse than they really are! It will be June and July before we start running into where the market began to turn for…
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As the Shelby County Criminal Court Clerk, I understand that public service has never faced as stern a test as it does today. People are watching our government, and with this challenge comes opportunity. They want to be reminded of that distinctly American feeling that theirs is a government of the people, by the people and for the people, a government that works for them and it is my goal to serve the public by standing up for them and making the Criminal Court Clerk’s Office stand out by being effective and efficient in our service.” Heidi Kuhn started her career with Shelby County Government in January 2001 as the Executive Director of the Crime Victims Center, advocating for victims and fighting for their rights. She was then appointed as the Deputy Director of Community Services, where she was responsible for all victim and offender services, as well community support…
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Owning a home is a huge milestone for many Americans. Previously we found that single women own more homes than single men; our new study found that women are spending significantly more on their homes than men.  LendingTree analyzed data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Consumer Expenditure Survey to compare how men and women spend. We looked at several categories, and when it came to spending on housing, it’s clear there’s a gender gap in the housing market. A quick look at what we found: 
On average, women pay 1.29 times more on owned dwellings, which include mortgage interest, property taxes, home insurance, and other expenses.  Broken down more specifically, women pay 1.20 times more on property taxes, 1.11 times more on housing, and 1.09 times more on mortgage interest and charges compared to men. Annually, women spend $16,223 on housing compared to the $15,562 spent…
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Is it time for a break? the kids are on Spring break, but when do you get to take a break? Why don't we just TAKE one?It’s that time of the year again. You know, Spring break, upcoming graduations along with the non-stop schedule of buying gifts, prepping food, baking cookies, keeping the house sparkling clean, going to parties, relatives to visit, and on and on and on.
You race from one event to the next, and fall in bed exhausted. There’s never enough time to pack it all in, and by the time you are close to catching up, you just might be a tad irritable, worn-out, and maybe even sick from the latest bug going around. And somewhere in all of that chaos, you’re supposed to be focused on business and hitting your year-end sales goals. It’s enough to make you sit down and cry.…
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Every year and in every way, I try to help create more Anticipatory Leaders and individuals working at Anticipatory Organizations as opposed to reactionary ones who quickly miss opportunities that are in plain sight. The major cornerstone to an Anticipatory mindset is my Hard Trend Methodology, where we discern between Hard Trend future certainties that are based on future facts that will happen and Soft Trends that are open to influence. This effort lets you see disruption before it disrupts and solve problems before they occur, turning disruption into a choice. Highlighting the three categories of my Hard Trend Methodology — technology, government regulations, and demographics — one of them is a constant that all organizations in every industry should be paying as much mind to as possible: demographics.
In a recent episode of my “Opportunity Hour: Conversations with the Masters,” I invited Dr. Ken Dychtwald to speak on the subject of the Baby Boomer age…
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