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“A bend in the road is not the end of the road, unless you fail to make the turn.” Successories You just parked your car in the driveway, unpacked your suitcase and holiday presents and swept the last of New Year’s confetti out of the floorboard. Once inside the house, you flip on the news to get the latest financial headlines.  Inflation, higher interest rates and increasing real estate values are the headlines.  It’s time for another road trip—a financial road trip, using your real estate to protect your finances. 
No one has a crystal ball, but history tells us that inflation erodes the value of our money and higher interest rates reduce our buying and borrowing power.  Which road do we take to protect ourselves against inflation and rising rate market forces?  Here are the routes some homeowners decided to take to protect their wealth based on…
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2022 is here and the first full week is ending. What a powerful first few days it has been for sure. After a record setting 2021 for mortgage purchase dollar volume of more than $1.6 TRILLION in closed purchased loans, is everyone ready for an even better 2022? It will be better for you the better your balance of purchase to refinance volume is. I know many of you may not been aware at the record dollar volume for any number of reasons, but if you were a purchase focused originator, your dollar volume should have been the best it’s ever been! If it wasn’t, you really need to take stock and pay attention, you won’t have trillions of dollars in refinances to carry the load. The strategies on the purchase side require some effort and consistency, and it isn’t about calling realtors and setting coffee or lunch appointments. You…
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Yesterday was a bad day for bonds. A poor 7yr note auction pushed the UMBS 30 2.5% coupon down 36bps to a floor of support at 101.80, while the 10yr T rose 8bps to 1.55, which is just 5 bps below the current ceiling of resistance of 1.60. I always get nervous when the markets move sharply right before a holiday weekend, and with this weekend bringing in the New Year, it bears watching closely. As I have maintained for a while now, if you like it, LOCK IT! I am interested to see activity in the housing markets this weekend. With buyers still hungry for homes and the excuse of waiting to after the holidays are over now past, it will be very interesting to see the first few weeks of January go, especially if we see mortgage rates ticking up as well. So be aware of the markets…
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“It is better to look ahead and prepare than to look back and regret.” Are you thinking about buying a home this year but not sure if this is a good time to do it?  Let’s explore the trail map for real estate and mortgages in 2022.   Ask yourself these questions to give you confidence and make your journey more enjoyable.
Questions to Answer: How long do you plan to keep this property?  1. (Will the property appreciate enough using conservative predictions to allow you to sell at a profit?) If you need to sell within the next two to three years, could you rent it for more than your house payment and maintenance costs? 2. Does the house payment fit comfortably enough into your budget to cover the mortgage payment and repairs on the home if you could not sell later and did not want to rent…
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You know what I hear from everyone I coach?  Yup…you got it (and I bet you say it, too)!  This same script is in almost every session:  • I want more time• I want to get more organized• I can’t get caught up• My to-do list keeps growing and I am overwhelmed Sometimes the overwhelm can be real; holidays, family events, a new influx of business – like Roseanne Roseannadanna used to say: “It’s always somethin’!” 
You can just about guarantee that some random last-minute hiccup will sabotage your perfect plan! I should know; with a name like “Murphy” it can happen a lot… and trust me, Murphy’s Law is always there if you allow it! So, here’s the scoop:  You will never control time, events, happenings, last minute interruptions, catastrophes, blessings, etc. - You can however, control how you respond to them! I can almost see you…
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The FED had it’s meeting this week and made some observations and projections that they supported with their “FACTS”. While Jerome Powell has tried to bury his whole “tapering” comments with a simple shrug of the shoulders and the comment that we won’t use the word transitory any longer, it doesn’t absolve the facts that keep getting shared are just as big a fantasy going forward. So how about we just get real here for the next few minutes. With all the data the FED looks at, it’s hard not to see they almost always ignore reality. CPI & PPI are significantly flawed measurements because one doesn’t take a real measure of costs, especially food, energy, and housing. When they do look at those numbers, the measurements they use so far behind the reality, it almost makes it a moot point. The other makes assumptions as to how much of…
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