When someone asks you what you do, is your answer “I sell real estate”? What does that really tell anyone?  If you really want to differentiate yourself from your competitors, you need to answer that question in a way that shows your expertise on a hyperlocal level with statistics, trends and data in the area.  Of course a licensed agent can sell anywhere in an entire state, but if you want to put yourself in the same league as top producers, then think hyperlocal, not “everywhere”. In his best-selling book, “Category of One”, author Joe Calloway shares how being an “inch wide and a zillion feet deep” as an industry expert pays off every time. You may “know” the general market, but even the best statistics and data may be limiting the vision your clients are craving.   To really own your market, you must elevate your expertise from “general” knowledge…
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Feeling blue because you lost a listing to a competitor? If you are wondering why that happened, it may be the perfect time for a tune-up on your marketing materials, your wardrobe, and your attitude.   Start with this question and be honest with the answer: “How do I show up?”  
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It’s time to take a good look at your numbers for the year. Not where you wanted to be? So, what are you telling yourself right now? Did you get a late start on the year? Did your market go south? Did your brain stay on permanent vacation after you came home from that week on the beach? The list can go on and on about why you aren’t on track to hit your goals this year—but the reality is, those are all excuses.  
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Every sales person wants to be on top of their service and sales, but what happens when those inevitable unplanned catastrophes throw you off your normal routine, or worse, when periodic swings in business wipe out even a well-planned schedule? If you’re like most people, the first thing that suffers are your follow-up activities that you had scheduled to remain connected with your past clients, SOI, and prospects.
This high priority block of time is also critical to stay in touch with leads that have reached out for help and still haven’t heard from you. If you’re telling yourself that you’ve been so “busy” you need to read on for strategies to help you re-connect. Your internal conversation will start to make excuses to not follow-up. You may try to convince yourself that too much time has passed, and the prospect has moved on, doesn’t need you anymore,…
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Remember your business goals you set at the beginning of 2019? You know, the ones that loudly proclaimed how this year would be your best year ever; the one where you finally were focused, productive, and raking in the commissions? Your plan probably included commitments for doing a better job of connecting with more people, and converting more prospects into profits.
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It’s that time of the year again. You know, the approaching holidays with the non-stop schedule of buying gifts, prepping food, baking cookies, keeping the house sparkling clean, going to parties, relatives to visit, and on and on and on. You race from one event to the next, and fall in bed exhausted every night. There’s never enough time to pack it all in, and by the time New Year’s rolls around, you’re irritable, worn-out, and maybe even sick from the latest bug going around.
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Real estate is a fantastic career, but there are many misconceptions about it that need to be debunked. Let’s take a look at the top six misconceptions, and focus on the reality of this profession.
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Did you get into real estate so you could be your own boss, control your schedule, work fewer hours… and make a lot of money? So, how’s that working out for you?
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Are your sales numbers mediocre again this month? Do you feel like you’re never going to hit your sales goals? Maybe you’re even thinking it is time to get out of real estate and find a job that pays. If you’re in that boat, you need to know that there are many possibilities that can make an impact on your bottom line. And, in sales, sometimes it just takes a minor tweak to your approach to make a major difference. 
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Are you struggling with low inventory in your area? Don’t despair! The lack of inventory can be minimized when smart agents help prospects understand that now is a great time to MOVE! 
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Making goals and achieving them can be really challenging! Chances are, you’ve been taught to make a business plan each year, and focus on the goals you want to achieve over the next year and up to five years in the future. But when you take stock of your life, chances are, where you’re at is not at all where you imagined you’d be! For many of us, our plans may have taken a detour, or completely derailed due to something unexpected.
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NEW YORK (Sept. 23, 2019)-Women in PropTech, the leading global industry group for women in real estate technology, announced that nominations for the Inaugural Women in PropTech Global Awards are now open, and will close on October 4.
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