Save Money on Summertime Home Checkups in the Dead of Winter

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In order to keep your home in good condition, you will definitely need some seasonal home maintenance.

Many expensive home repairs can be prevented by simply doing the proper maintenance tasks on time. Not only will this save you money, but it will also help you maintain the market value of your home.

Stay on top of regular home maintenance tasks, and you'll avoid costly repairs.

Check Your Air Conditioning System

Most people are probably not thinking about air conditioning during cold winter months. However, as a homeowner, you want to be sure to get your air conditioning serviced BEFORE the summer. You don’t want to be forced to consider air conditioner repair right when all the service people are too busy to get to you for days.

Many companies offer checkups during the winter to give homeowners a peace of mind so that, when it is really hot outside, they can turn on their air conditioning without any worries.

A checkup can also alert homeowners to potentially serious problems that can be fixed by a simple repair.

HVAC Filters

Don't forget about your filters. As a rule, you should change them every two to three months. If you have pets or your family members have allergies, you might want to consider changing them regularly.

If you use cheaper filters, you should replace them more often than if you choose more expensive ones.

Maintain Your Gutters

Making sure your gutters are in good working condition during the winter can prevent costly repairs. When ice and snow start to melt, debris like twigs and leaves can cause clogs in gutters.

Even if you aren't thrilled about going outside to clean your gutters when it’s cold, you really should in order to avoid unexpected problems and expensive repairs.

Check Your Roof

Ice and snow can do a lot of damage to your roof. In addition, strong winds can tear the shingles off.

Warning signs include missing, cracked, or buckled shingles. It is better to fix these problems while they are small before more damage occurs.

Window Maintenance

Your windows require regular maintenance too. Check your window sills to make sure there are no gaps. You want to be certain that cold air is not coming in and that the heat is not escaping.

To maintain the energy efficiency in your home and keep your energy costs down, make sure your window seals do not have any gaps.

It is best to fix any splinters, holes, or cracks in your windows as soon as you find them. Waiting will cause more damage and it will cost you more money.

Repairing or replacing damaged windowpanes will help your windows work properly.

Replace cracked window glass to avoid a potential accident with broken glass and to allow your windows to function as they should.

Paint Repair

Exposed wood can rot. Make sure your painted surfaces are in good condition by scraping off the chipped and peeling paint.

Fireplaces and Wood Stoves

If you use a fireplace or a wood-burning stove you, should make sure they are properly cleaned and maintained. Vacuuming, shoveling ashes, and washing both the inside and outside of traps and doors is very important.

Your Attic

Is your attic simply a place where you store things and then forget about them? This is an important part of your house and not checking at least once in a while can cause severe damage to your home and cost you a lot of money.

Every few months, you should give your attic a run-through. Check for pest infestations, leaks, and insulation damage and take care of any problems before they get worse and cost you more money in the long run.

Your Foundation

Your home's foundation is the most important part of your home and, when compromised, it causes the most damage and costs the most money. Plug any holes or cracks in the foundation to prevent insect infestation.

Check for any cracks or sagging in the foundation and take action before the problem gets worse. Check with a professional if you are not sure how to fix the problem.

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