5 IT Solutions to Help Real-Estate Agents Get More Leads

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Starting from various apps to the automation of numerous processes, real estate agents found lots of benefits in the latest technological advances.

In the world driven by technology, the use of IT solutions is the only way to stand out from the competition and succeed, so real estate agents also must involve such solutions in their business to get more leads.

With that in mind, we've prepared a list of the five best IT solutions for real estate agents.

Automation, AI, ML, and NLP

The 24/7 availability is crucial in the world of real estate. If an agent can't answer the questions instantly, the chances that the client will move on and find another agency are huge. To stay competitive and stop losing clients, your first step to success should be the automation.

Implementation of a free chatbot with the best artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing is the best available solution for such a problem. Using a free AI chatbot, real estate agents can handle multiple clients at the same time 24/7/365.

Unlike human assistants, chatbots can't get tired, they can eliminate the human error and they don't require a salary at the end of each month.

A chatbot's skills can also become better over time based on the previous interactions thanks to machine learning, they can manage human-alike conversations, they are intelligent, you can build your chatbot without any programming knowledge.

Social Media and Chatbots

Social media is the place where the majority of modern online users spend most of their free time. Using advanced marketing tools build-in social media, real estate agents can advertise its services simple and easy.

Moreover, there is the well-know omnichannel presence. Modern users like to communicate using their favorite messaging channels, and that's where you should take advantage of free chatbots again.

Free chatbots can communicate with numerous users simultaneously, and that via various popular channels such as SnatchApp, Web, Skype, Viber, Facebook Messenger, Slack, Twilio, Line, and many more.

Using social media, real estate agents can communicate with potential clients in the most natural way, which will attract even more customers and result in increased sales and better user experience.

Virtual Reality Equipment

VR equipment is one of the best things that affected the real estate industry. Apart from saving time, VR equipment can decrease the costs of an agency. Nowadays, people are too busy to visit and explore all the potential properties, and so are the agents, who have a lot of tasks to perform on a daily basis.

Using VR equipment, real estate agents can sell homes even to remote buyers. Instead of meeting with clients each time, potential customers can see and feel the entire space even from a great physical distance.

Moreover, that kind of presentation increases customer satisfaction since clients can talk and think over the idea of buying a property without an agent standing over their heads.

Video Tours and Drones

Similar to the presentation of apartments using VR equipment, real estate agents can film the entire property, from literally all perspectives thanks to drones.

The primary advantage of video tours is that an agent can show the apartment to customers in real time using live video call, but also to record a video and send it to busy clients that don't have enough time to visit a location together.

Moreover, once filmed, a property can be reviewed over and over again, which saves real estate agents' time.


There are tons of apps specially created for real estate agents. Using such apps, realtors can manage leads, save contact information in one place, send automated emails and instant messages, and even automate social sharing.

Using some of the real estate apps, agents can also increase the traffic on their website or social media, and even schedule all tasks using the calendar feature. Besides, apps like OpenHome Pro, Premier Agent, Dotloop, and Spotio are available for smartphones, which enables retailers to work even when they're on the move.

The bottom line

IT development continues to affect all the industries across all verticals, and the situation with real estate isn't any different. Using some of the latest solutions, retailers can rely on tech and facilitate lots of daily tasks!

What's your favorite IT solution applicable in the real estate industry? Let us know in the comments!

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