AI, Drones, Architectural Visualization, VR and More Stand as Cutting-Edge of Real Estate Presentations

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The real estate industry is undergoing quite significant changes these days. The constant advancement of new technologies has enabled real estate agents to showcase properties in ways that, until recently, were possible only in sci-fi movies.

The future is here, and it has brought unbelievable benefits to real estate companies. Here are the top cutting-edge technologies that are completely changing the game.

AI for Better Customer Support

AI can help realtors better tailor their content to their target audience, and help them find the perfect listings. When combined with voice recognition, it can help people find what they need even faster, and more effectively.

The best use of AI in real estate definitely has to do with chatbots. A real estate chatbot powered by AI can provide real-time support to people looking to buy a particular property. It can interact with them 24/7, providing instant answers to all their questions, and helping them make educated decisions.

You can create your own real estate chatbot in minutes, without any coding, and instantly deploy it on any channel you want.

Bringing Properties to Life with Drone Photos and Videos

Drones are increasingly being used to capture aerial photos and videos that can truly bring properties to life. Conventional photos and videos simply can’t showcase a piece of property in a way their aerial counterparts can.

Drones help give properties a sense of grandeur and highlight all their best characteristics. They help people see what’s really special about a particular house.

They also enable buyers to see an entire neighborhood from above and determine whether or not it’s the right place for them to live in.

Realistic 3D Renderings

Architectural visualization has made it possible for realtors to showcase properties even before their construction. With ultra-realistic 3D architectural renderings, they can bring a particular property to life, and help clients see exactly what it will look like.

This also helps with identifying potential problems with the design early on, as it’s much more cost-effective to solve them before the building process is finished.

Taking a Virtual Tour of a Property

VR has also found its way into the real estate industry, and it’s definitely here to stay.

With VR, people can virtually walk through any property, and see what it would feel like to actually live there. They can explore every little detail and easily decide on their future dream home.

There’s really no better way to present a property to potential buyers. All they need to do is put on a VR headset, and step into the house they’re looking to buy.

This is incredibly convenient, and cost-effective for buyers, as they don’t need to go from house to house to find the right fit for their needs. It’s even more convenient for buyers located on the other side of the planet, who aren’t able to pay a visit to a property right away.

Augmented Reality for a More Real-World Experience

Augmented reality lies somewhere between the real world and the virtual world. Some people argue that it provides a much better experience than VR, but it really comes down to personal preference.

But what’s the difference? While VR immerses you in a completely digital environment, AR overlays the real-world environment with digital elements. As its name suggests, it augments, that is, enhances the real world.

It’s just like Snapchat, or Pokémon Go. With AR, real estate buyers can experience the environment of properties in much greater detail. They don’t need any kind of headset, only their smartphones.

Mixed Reality for Creating an Immersive Environment

Now, mixed reality is a combination of VR and AR. It combines their best parts to take you to a whole new dimension of reality.

MR is the simultaneous use of VR and AR, or an enhanced form of augmented reality if you will. It merges the real and virtual worlds to create an immersive environment, where you can interact with both physical and digital objects, and not only view them, but also manipulate them.

Mixed reality is truly setting a new threshold in the real estate world. It enables realtors to attract many more customers, and make them pretty excited about making a purchase.

All these cutting-edge technologies are completely transforming the way real estate agents sell properties, and the way people search for and choose their dream homes. They’re becoming more and more popular, and they’re certain to become more widely available over the course of the next couple of years.

If you’re a realtor, make sure you adopt these superb technologies as soon as possible. You’ll stay ahead of the curve, and close plenty more deals, taking your business to much greater heights.

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