6 Automotive Maintenance Jobs you Can DIY at Home

Posted On Friday, 01 December 2023 11:15

Owning a car is always a happy thing. You save money on cabs, which is also becoming necessary for all. However, owning a car requires a lot of time and resources to keep it on the road and running. Ensuring the tank is full of gas is just one thing. You should perform car maintenance regularly to keep it running in good condition.

Moreover, the cars in today’s world are becoming too advanced. Thus, they require extreme work, so you must work with a trained mechanic. It leads to investing thousands of dollars in your car. The solution? Save money where you can, like a few DIY maintenance jobs that you can easily perform at home. If you keep your car well-maintained, it will run well, and you will save thousands by ensuring you are not changing your car every few years.

Here is a list of car maintenance DIYs you can perform at home. It will save you time and money, which is perfect for saving up for a better car, house, or other things in the future.

Painting the car

Do you know you can paint your car at home? You can repair the damage, give it fresh paint, or renovate the old car fairly easily. How? You would need an inflatable paint booth at home, and you can easily paint it. The paint booth will ensure the paint doesn’t get anywhere else. Moreover, the paint booth is ideal for when you want to wash the car, too.

Replacing the brake pads

No, you do not have to be afraid of changing the brakes. It is a straightforward job, and you might only have to change one set at a time. How do I know if the brakes need changing? When you start hearing a squealing noise, it is time to replace it. Here are some tips to keep in mind when changing the brakes: They are:

     •  Never let the calipers hang by the brake lines.

     •  Always ensure you insert the pads in the correct direction.

     •  Do not let the calipers hang from the brake lines. Why? Because it can potentially damage them, which adds some more expense to a fairly simple job.

Doing this can save you a few bucks, which you can use better.

Change the engine filter and oil

A common maintenance task is changing the filter and oil. It is necessary to read the manual and see how often the manufacturer asks you to do so. Sure, changing it with the help of an expert does not cost an arm and a leg. Yet, you should do it at home. Why? Well, because:

     •  It allows you to ensure the quality of the oil you put in the engine is the right.

     •  When you change the oil, you get underneath your vehicle, allowing you to look at other parts of the car and see how they work. Maybe you will spot small mechanical errors soon and fix them before they become a big issue.

Fix a flat tire

Fixing a tire while it is still attached to the vehicle is possible, and you can do it yourself. You do not need a mechanic to fix a tire for you. It is empowering and also helps you save a few bucks. To do this:

First, locate the hole or leak in the car

Pump the flat tire and spray it with 20% dishwashing liquid and 80% water. The source of the leak will start bubbling. Mark the spot with something noticeable.

     •  Jack up your vehicle, then put the safety block under the frame, pull out the nail or screw, and then use a plug kit to fix the leak. Also, you will require a tube of tire repair cement to use with your kit.

     •  If the air leaks on the part where the metal rim meets with rubber, then ensure you go to a mechanic.

Battery replacement

Batteries often fail in a vehicle. The bigger the car, the harder it gets to have the amperage to make the battery jumpstart when it falters. Knowing how to replace a battery will save you cash and ensure you do not have to wait for a tow to get back on the road.

Read this guide on how to replace the battery in your vehicle.


Understandably, you may feel weary of these DIY jobs, which can have risks. But these are low-risk activities; you will always feel better when you accomplish them. Worrying about damaging the parts or not getting the actual result is unnecessary. If you feel stuck, you can stop and pay an actual mechanic to do what is needed. But start, as many of these are so simple and require patience.

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