Creating a Functional and Stylish Kitchen: Essential Tips for Remodeling

Posted On Friday, 01 December 2023 11:48

Your kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home. It’s the hub where everyone gathers around, making memories whether you’re packing sandwiches for lunches or creating a holiday feast.

If your kitchen needs an update to become more functional and stylish, you should consider these essential tips for remodeling from Frisco Kitchen Remodeling contractors - HS & Sons as you plan your design.

Always Build a Work Triangle

In order for a kitchen to be functional, you need to minimize the walking distance between your refrigerator, sink, and cooking area. It should also be safe and provide comfort as you build this functional aspect into your kitchen. Consider how many people tend to cook in your kitchen at the same time. If your kitchen never had a work triangle before, now is the time to add one to get the most out of this room.

Widen Your Walkways

Every kitchen floor plan remodel should include making enough room for everyone to pass through. The smallest width you should ever consider is 36 inches. For the cooking zone, it should be wider, at minimum 42 inches to allow enough space.

Having a proper flow of traffic creates convenience in the kitchen and adds comfort and safety. For kitchens that lead into adjacent rooms, you should avoid placing your range in the path.

Make Sure You Can Count on Your Countertops

Having plenty of countertop space will make it easier to prepare food for any occasion. Think about your appliances and allowing enough room to place hot items right out of the oven or from the stovetop. There should be at least 15 inches of space on either side of your cooktop, oven, and refrigerator to make the most out of your countertops.

Design a Focal Point

Adding style can be achieved by considering options that enhance the look of your kitchen while being functional. You can splurge on a range hood or go with open shelving that keeps things organized.

Incorporate Enough Storage Space

Even if your kitchen has a large layout, having too much on your counters will make it feel cluttered. Your cabinets and shelving can help you stow everything in its own place. Some people mix and match open shelves with closed cabinetry. Adding an island can also give you a place to store larger appliances you may not use daily such as bread makers and holiday serving dishes.

Build Around the Appliances

As you think of functionality and style in your kitchen remodel, it is essential to pick your appliances first. You will want to ensure that these will fit into your new layout design. After you pick appliances, you can then decide which countertops and cabinetry to have installed.

Don’t forget to make all your wishes for your kitchen remodel known to your contractor. They will help you find a way to incorporate what you want to build you the kitchen of your dreams.

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