5 Benefits of Pressure Washing for Short-term Rental Properties in Austin TX

Posted On Friday, 08 December 2023 14:33


Short-term rental property refers to residential property that is leased or rented for a brief period. These are commonly used for temporary stays, vacations, or business trips.

In 2023, Austin's short-term rental market is experiencing strong supply growth leading to lower occupancy rates, despite a high average daily rate and a current occupancy rate of 75% above the city's average. Source: STR Management. 

If you have a short-term rental property that is in demand and sought after by travelers, chances are you always experiencing a quick turnaround time for every guest and you need a fast and efficient cleaning process for your outdoor and indoor areas. The pressure washing process creates less downtime between guests staying at the property, which minimizes the amount of time spent cleaning after each stay.

Aside from saving your time, here are the 5 undeniable benefits you can gain with pressure washing.

Enhanced Curb Appeal 

Pressure washing is a great way to remove stains and grime from your short-term rental property in Austin TX. It's an effective way of addressing high-traffic areas prone to stains, dirt, and grime such as patios, corridors, or driveways. By removing these dirt deposits at their source you are improving the overall cleanliness and appearance and making your property more inviting. A visually clean property is not only appealing but it also creates a lasting impression for the guests.

Health and Safety Benefits

Pressure washing is a great way to prevent mold and mildew growth in your rental property. Mold can be difficult to remove from surfaces, but washing away the spores before they have a chance to colonize may help you keep your rental clean and healthy longer. Pressure cleaning also addressed potential hazards on outdoor surfaces such as brick walls, patios, and walkways. Brick walls are often covered in moss which can lead to deterioration over time if left untreated; pressure washing will remove these layers of dirt while leaving behind cleaner-looking bricks underneath where they were once hidden by green growths.

In addition to preventing potentially hazardous conditions from occurring on exterior walls, pressure washing can also help eliminate any potential water damage caused by rain or other precipitation in Austin TX weather.

Cost-Effective and Sustainable

One of the main benefits of pressure washing is its cost efficiency. Pressure washing helps to avoid costly repairs or replacements through regular cleaning, which can save you money in the long run. This approach is especially beneficial for short-term rental properties because it allows you to maintain your property’s overall condition at a low cost and prevent issues from arising before they become more serious.

As a guest, you want to feel confident that your stay will be environmentally friendly. Pressure washing has become an increasingly popular choice for short-term rental properties because it can reduce or even eliminate the need for chemicals and pesticides while providing a high-quality cleaning service.

• In addition to being cost-effective, pressure washing is also extremely safe for both workers and guests alike. The equipment used in this process is designed with safety features such as dual exhaust systems and air horns that alert people outside of the vicinity of any potential danger. In addition, all operators must have at least one year's experience working professionally with this type of equipment before they're allowed behind its controls. With Full Color Cleaners | Austin Pressure Washing, you are guaranteed that they are certified and expert with pressure washer functions and safety features.


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Positive Impact on Online Reviews

The impact of guest satisfaction on online reviews is a well-known fact. The cleaner your property looks, the more likely guests will be to leave you positive reviews and ratings. This can have a significant impact on your bottom line since it makes it easier for potential renters to see what they're getting into before booking with you (and vice versa). 

In addition, maintaining a clean and well-kept rental home helps build trust between owner, property manager, and tenant—which does wonders for keeping them happy with each other over time!

Compliance with Standards and Regulations

Pressure washing is a great way to comply with local regulations regarding cleanliness. This ensures that your short-term rental property meets or exceeds industry standards, while also avoiding legal issues through proper maintenance.


Pressure washing is a great way to improve the curb appeal of your property, as well as increase its value. By taking care of your property before guests arrive, you will show them a clean and welcoming home. You can also use pressure washing services to remove mold and mildew from surfaces like wood decks and patios. This can make the area more appealing for potential buyers who may be worried about those kinds of stains ruining their vacation experience. Ensuring that your rental property is always clean will only keep prospective renters coming back again and again.

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