How to Use Instagram to Market Your Real Estate Business

Posted On Thursday, 22 February 2024 11:09

If you’re in real estate, Instagram can be a valuable tool. The app is a heavily visual platform, meaning that you can share photos and videos of the homes you're trying to sell. But how can you get the most out of the platform? Let’s explain.

Highlight What’s Around the Neighborhood

Many real estate agents will showcase the home and give users an idea of its neighborhood. But what's around the neighborhood? What are some hidden restaurant gems when someone wants to get a bite to eat? What fantastic events are near the neighborhood? Which schools are great at bringing out your child's potential? This is where you come in. Highlighting interesting attractions can turn a curious buyer into one who seals the deal. This way, fewer buyers are disappointed that the home is not near anything they need.

Live Streaming

Many real estate agents do not take advantage of Instagram's live streaming feature, and that's a shame. When you livestream, you can give house tours in real-time, answering any questions your audience members have. These work great for people who cannot do a house tour in person due to distance or other factors.

Besides house tours, you may do a neighborhood tour or host a Q&A. These streams can help your audience form an even deeper connection with you. So, have regular live streams to help engage your audience in ways average content, such as pre-recorded videos, cannot.

Use Hashtags Wisely

Instagram hashtags are common knowledge at this point. Everyone knows that you can improve your post's reach by putting hashtags on your posts. However, many people do not know how to use hashtags properly. Many will put generic hashtags like #RealEstate in there. You want to put hashtags specific to the neighborhood you're trying to sell to that have some following. This will help you reach more people looking for a home in that area. Use 3-5 hashtags per post; don't be afraid to experiment a little.

Use Stories

Stories are a great way to share information that expires quickly. They expire in 24 hours unless you choose to preserve them. If the home you're selling has a limited-time deal, you can use a Story to spread the word. Stories are also great for life events you don't want to keep on your real estate page for too long.

Video and Image Testimonials

The best way to show your real estate skills is by showcasing clients who bought or sold a home. Through Instagram, you can capture moments of a client sealing the deal or living in their new home. You may even shout out the client via their own Instagram. With testimonials, use real clients and ask for permission beforehand.

A Day in the Life

Some people may see their real estate Instagram as business only, with a personal account being dedicated to what you're doing in your life. However, these accounts can intersect from time to time. It's okay to have your real estate profile occasionally post selfies looking your best, what you're eating for dinner, where you're vacationing, etc. The reason is because it helps to humanize your real estate business. Many people see a real estate agent as merely a tool to buy or sell a home. Showing you're an actual human may form an even more personal connection between you and the client.

Pin Comments and Posts

When posting on Instagram, you can pin a post or comment. When you pin a post, it’s the first to show up when someone visits your profile. When you pin a comment, it’s the first thing people will see when they visit the comments section.

There are many situations where you’ll want to pin some posts. You may pin a post that gives a run-down of who you are and your contact information. Pinning recent homes for sale may help you get them off the market faster.

Pinning comments is also quite effective. For instance, you may pin a comment with contact information if someone is interested in a home. Pinning a comment saying that the house is sold or pending can also be helpful so people don't get their hopes up.

Reels Are Highly Effective

As you know, video is one of the best tools on Instagram. However, you may not be using Reels.

Reels are short, vertical videos up to 90 seconds. You can use these as a real estate agent for several reasons. First, they're great for people who don't want to watch a long tour video. Utilizing Reels to show some highlights can be just what they need. Reels are also great in the algorithm. You can spread your content to a much wider audience by using them. Another benefit is that the younger crowds enjoy vertical videos, so you can appeal to them if they want to buy a home. You can use BuyTopLikes to help boost the engagement and presence on your reels.

Engage With Your Audience

One of the best ways to make a good impression is to engage with your audience. When they make comments asking about the property, answer them ASAP. Like any comments praising you, or answer any other comments or criticisms they may have. If you ignore all the comments, you may be seen as a real estate agent who doesn’t care about their potential clientele.

Post Regularly

The best way to grow on Instagram is to keep posting consistently. Post at least three times a week, and add something unique each time. Having a content calendar is one way to have an idea of what you'll be posting each week. It can keep you accountable and help you schedule posts to be ahead of the curve.

Final Thoughts

By using Instagram, your real estate presence can improve. It's a valuable platform for showing homes and what surrounds them, and it can give a look into the life of your average agent. So keep trying, and use various services if you want to give your profile a boost. We hope this helped.

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