4 Reasons to Hire Professionals Movers for Your Next Move

Written by Posted On Sunday, 05 May 2019 05:25

Few things are more annoying and stressful than having to plan a move to a new home or apartment.

Not only does it require endless planning, but it always takes longer than it needs to. By hiring professional movers, though, the moving process can be greatly improved. Whether you’re moving from a Loomis, California ranch to an Austin, Texas apartment; or just a short move across town to a new California neighborhood, here are 4 reasons to use professional movers the next time you move.


Whether health conditions are a concern or not, moving carries a risk of getting seriously injured. If you decide to move and opt to use professional movers, you are inherently protecting yourself from getting injured while moving. Professionals have countless experiences moving, and in-turn have a great understanding of their limits, something the average mover may not have. Not only can you aggravate a pre-existing injury, but you can acquire new injuries which can linger and become chronic. Strained backs and broken fingers or toes are just a few of the most common injuries people get while moving; hiring professional movers will nearly eliminate the likelihood of getting these types of injuries.

Save Time

The obvious advantage to getting professional movers is how much time you will save. Movers commonly have large enough trucks that the process of moving is usually completed in one trip, baring the amount of things you have. Whereas if a person with little to no experience moving could take countless trips, especially without a large moving truck. Not only will it only cost one trip with professional movers, but if there is a deadline on when to move out, the efficiency of the movers will ensure you get out by that time. Many people struggle with the logistics and sheer act of moving out, which causes delays and potential conflicts with new and existing landlords. If planning ahead isn’t your thing, invest in professional movers for a day and rest easy knowing time won’t be an issue.

(Potentially) Save Money

The cost of hiring movers is different per area, so depending on where you live, your costs may be slightly higher than usual. With that being said, some moving costs can be incredibly low and wind up costing less than if you moved yourself. Gas costs, and general opportunity cost, can result in a hefty bill for your entire moving experience. Professional movers have an hourly rate and don’t require any supervision; so, rather than taking off work and moving yourself, you can have them move while you work and bring in a paycheck, resulting in a lower overall cost. Additionally, professional movers have all the equipment necessary for moving, something the average mover does not have. Renting dollies or trucks can cost a lot, and it isn’t always a given that everything will work. Save yourself the money and energy and hire professionals.

Ease of Mind

Moving isn’t just stressful because of the physical moving, but the entire process altogether. Coordinating friends to help you, dealing with busy traffic, and wasting tens of minutes trying to fit furniture through a door all add up to one of the most stressful events a human can go through. Professional movers help with so much more than just moving heavy objects. They are the ones who coordinate with each other, deal with traffic and the troubles of fitting furniture. They also, almost always, have insurance policies which protect your items in case they get damaged, something that isn’t the case when you move by yourself. For a slight cost, it only makes sense to invest in something that benefits you so much.


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