Show Off Any Home's Great Windows With These Design Details

Written by Carol Evenson Posted On Saturday, 21 December 2019 05:30

Windows serve many purposes in a home. A window brings in light, shows off a lovely view and lets people rest and relax in pleasing natural sunlight. Modern windows are more energy efficient and elegant than ever. Many homeowners want windows with personality that make a style statement. They also want windows that bring in warmth in the winter and let cool air flow inside the summer. Any homeowner can find designs that showcase their window's shapes and create a pleasing whole home plan and vision at the same time. There are lots of ways to call attention to quality windows. Careful exterior and interior design plans can bring attention to beautiful windows like exterior glass doors, arched interior windows and other modern yet classic window designs that make any home sing.

Exterior Landscaping

Landscaping should be carefully considered at all times when creating a home design. Plants can draw attention to the home's best features, including the windows. For example, placing a series of boxed topiaries across the front of the entrance is one way to bring the eye to the entrance. These topiaries come in many varied styles and sizes. Larger topiaries can be used to frame large windows in front of the ground floor while smaller plants are also highly effective elements of any exterior design. Plants that act as a ground cover create a carpet in front of the home all year long and act as a means of bringing out the carved details in a window door and the door's beautiful inlay glass inserts. Creating a plan to use all areas of the home's grounds will also help show off the home's windows.  

Interior Design

The use of landscaping and exterior design elements goes hand in hand with the use of interior design elements. Each area of the home should ideally help draw attention to the home's loveliest windows. Interior design plans can also help the homeowner make full use of the windows's best features. Interior design plans should take into account how the homeowner uses the windows. For example, during the summer, many people want to make full use of cross breezes to help cool their homes. Windows that can be opened with ease make it possible for the homeowner to take advantage of this form of cooling. Other elements of home design can also bring out the details of the windows. Large curtains help draw the eye upward and notice a particularly high set of windows. Details like a series of wood panels that divide up the panes can also be shown off with the use of items like paint in a contrasting color that stands out from the color used on the rest of the walls.  

The Use of Light

Lighting forms a design element that should not be overlooked when it comes to the use of windows in the home. During the day, windows let in light. At night, calling attention the home's windows sets a mood and makes it easy to bring the beauty of the evening right inside. Items like candles can be set in front of the windows. Place them on top of a highly reflective metallic surface to draw in even more light and make the home feel like a place of refuge. Skylights are often particularly cherished as they bring lots of character and much additional light. Set shades in front the skylight that can be opened or closed as desired. Curtains can also be set in front of the skylight to show it off and help control the amount of light that gets into the home.

Elegant, well thought out windows are one of the most important basics when it comes to home design that works. Creating a plan to show them off will add even more life to the home and make it look beautiful from every single angle.

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