Market Madness Bracket 2015

Written by Nicholas Brown Posted On Tuesday, 17 March 2015 11:38

It's that mascot-dancing, net-cutting, underdog-loving time of year again. As universities from across the nation get themselves ready for Selection Sunday, JustRentToOwn is celebrating the spirit of the season with a little competition of their own. Alas, Market Madness is here..

What are the best cities to buy homes in? Using a list of the largest cities in the US from, we assigned seeds by size, from New York City in the first number one seed, to scrappy Lexington-Fayette, number sixty-four, the final contender to sneak past the cut. Rather than focusing regionally, this method creates the exciting opportunity for surprising upsets and pits rival cities on the rise up against one another in a battle royale for total national and regional dominance.

Will California come out on top or perhaps somewhere in Texas? Is it wiser to buy a home in Portland or Atlanta?

While I have my own opinions on the matter, we've elected to let the numbers speak instead--using metrics on economic strength, home value appreciation, cost of living, walk score, health and crime to assess which comes out on top. Each metric is run one round at a time until the final four to give a more holistic picture of the strengths each city holds.

One on one, head to head, mano y mano, market y market.

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Market Madness Bracket
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There's only one way to find out! Fill out your bracket with some favorites. See how the Round of 64 turned out, CLICK HERE.

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