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Written by Richard Thompson Posted On Thursday, 24 June 2021 00:00

When going through the process of hiring a professional homeowner association manager, it's necessary to know what services you are interested in receiving. While each company offers a set of core services, the set varies from company to company. It's up to the client to define the scope of work so that proposals received can be compared and contrasted.

The following are common duties performed by homeowner association management companies. Use it to screen prospective management candidates.


Relations with Owners: Responds to owner information, maintenance or service requests and records action taken.

 Sale Documentation: Provides sale disclosure information as requested by seller for a cost of $_____.


 Owner Directory: Maintains current directory of owners/residents, addresses and phone numbers.


 Files & Records: Maintains current financial, maintenance and administrative in an orderly fashion and readily accessible by authorized association representatives.


Collects, records and deposits assessments to Association's bank account in a timely manner.

Pays Association bills as authorized by the Board in a timely fashion.

Prepares monthly Income & Expense Statements, Balance Sheet and Delinquency Report in a format usable by the Board and auditors.

Arranges for CPA services.

Maintains Association bank accounts and provides regular financial statements.

Processes collections in accordance with the HOA's policy.

Operating Budget: Prepares draft for Board review.


Processes HOA insurance claims for: 'no extra charge'

For an extra fee Insurance: Arranges insurance as indicated by the governing documents or as directed by the Board.


Attends Board ___ Meetings per year plus one Annual Homeowner Meeting ' Included in the basic management fee. ' For additional meetings carry a charge of $_______ 

Meeting Notices: Prepares and distributes.

Assists with procedure at meetings 

Takes meeting minutes 


Property Inspections: Performs general grounds and buildings inspection and follows up on any needed maintenance or problems at least: Weekly, Monthly, or Quarterly

Schedules maintenance according to standard practice or as directed by the Board President and follows up to ensure completion.

Provides handyman services at $___/hr during business hours, $___/hr after hours, $___/hr on holidays.

Performs larger renovation projects like painting, siding and deck repair, etc. on ' bid/proposal basis ' time and material basis.

Major Repair Projects: Assists in the specifications, bid proposals and project oversight of major repairs ' Included in the basic management fee, or ' For an extra charge of: $_______

Emergency Response: Maintains a 24 hour emergency response service to protect the property and safety of the residents.

Purchases: Negotiates contracts for services, equipment, materials and supplies for the maintenance of the Association's property.

Employees: Assists in the selection, training and the supervision of any Association maintenance staff.

Rules Enforcement

Inspects property for rule violations: Weekly, Monthly, or Quarterly 

Sends notices of rules violation.

Monthly Management Fee: $___

Overall Impression: Excellent -- Average -- Poor

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