2018 Interior Home Design Trends

Written by Monica Thomas Posted On Thursday, 01 February 2018 13:28

As we have closed the door on 2017, it's time to look ahead at home trends in 2018. Interior designers, experts at Pantone, and researchers for home décor websites have predicted what's hot for the upcoming year and what trends are staying behind. Check out the top ten home trends below to keep your home updated and fresh.

1. Vibrant Colors

While 2017 saw a lot of grey, 2018 is all about a vibrant color palette. This trend can be applied nearly anywhere in your home. Consider a bright sofa or colorful accent pieces. Kitchens and baths are a great place to add color. Watery blues, stimulating greens, and deep reds are the most popular choices for everything from decorative pots to large appliances.

2. Geometric Patterns

This trend can be attained in a variety of ways, making it accessible for nearly every home. Keep it small with a patterned throw pillow, or go big with geometric wallpaper. You'll also see this design in coffee tables, light fixtures, area rugs, backsplash tile, and wall art. Find a pattern you love, and apply it anywhere you'd like a pop of texture in your home.

3. Barn Doors

These popular sliding doors are replacing traditional doors in many homes. They're compact, versatile, stylish, and, HomeAdvisor says, add major resale value. Houses listed with "barn doors" in their description currently sell on average 57 days faster and for 13% more than expected. With a variety of materials available, you can combine trends. Create a metallic door, place a geometric pattern, or just stick with natural wood.

4. Metallic Finishes

This trend started small with items like gold-threaded throw pillows. In 2018, expect to see coffee, accent, and dining tables in all-metal designs. Pairing a traditional upholstered sofa with an all-metal table is a great way to make a room more modern and luxe. While brass tones are popular right now, copper and rose gold are holding strong.

5. Quartz Countertops

According to interior designers, granite is out! Quartz is more durable, only needs be sealed once, and has more finish options. This is the priciest of the 2018 home trends. The cost of installing quartz countertops around 100 sq. ft. ranges from $5,900 to $14,000. The resale value of quartz and granite is currently the same, but that may change as quartz gains popularity.

6. Wood

Wood treatments around the home help to anchor the space. You'll see this trend in small items like planters, decorative bowls, and picture frames. However, it may also manifest in more unexpected places, such as ceilings and accent walls. Use this trend in conjunction with the others listed here to achieve a rich, textured, and modern look.

7. Cozy Fabrics

Velvet and suede are making a big comeback. These fabrics are soft and rich, providing excellent texture and warmth against metallic tables and wood accents. Use these fabrics in throw pillows and blankets, or go bigger with upholstery on a couch or chair.

8. Fringe

This is another trend that you'll see included on many home decor items. Area rugs, ottomans, lamps, and pillows are great contenders for added fringe. If you don't want to buy all new pieces, this trend is very DIY-able with a trip to a fabric store and a hot glue gun.

9. Vintage Light Fixtures

Pendant lights are making a huge comeback right now, especially those with warm metal accents. Copper is especially popular. The cost of installing a light fixture varies, with pendant lights running $95-$250, according to HomeAdvisor. Keep in mind that these updated fixtures increase the resale value of your home.

10. Typography

More than other design trends, typography allows us to be more literally expressive. This injection of personality into a room can be done on pillows, picture frames, and wall decals. Keep in mind that this is a trend best kept on removable items. A potential home buyer may not love that saying painted on the wall as much as you do.

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