Reading Is The Easy Way In

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Reading Is The Easy Way In

Reading is a popular past-time on hot summer days, whether lazing on the beach or chilling in the backyard. Reading - online or off - can also unearth great opportunities to easily move real estate goals ahead without doing any "heavy lifting."

Along with mind-candy reads like the latest mystery or the hot best seller, consider dabbling in a real estate subject or two - online or off - to improve your ability to easily make confident decisions about your real estate and related lifestyle issues—all this while kicking back to enjoy the summer.

Reading provides opportunities to evaluate your potential to achieve real estate goals and overcome threats to your financial well-being.

To you, the term "real estate" may only refer to your home, recreational property, or future dream home. In reality, "real estate," as an industry, is one of the most diverse and wide-ranging in the world. No surprise that the diversity of real estate books, websites, and good reads in any format is a mind-blowing banquet.

Remember, the main aim is not to become an expert, but to gain new perspectives on your real estate or to discover a money-saving or profit-making tip or two. It's summer after all. Libraries are great resources for reading adventures like this, because librarians are ready to help you jump into new topics and sample new ideas. No cost here provided you return borrowed items on time. Instead of cover-to-cover slogging, skim through a book, click around an ebook, or sample audios—this may be all that's necessary to enlighten your thinking and discover insider insights:

  • Sellers can benefit from discovering how investors approach owning real estate, what they do to improve property value on a tight budget, and how they decide when it's time to cash-in for profit. Poke around in a real estate investment book or two to discover how investors decide which criteria to emphasize in a real estate search and how to evaluate individual properties for potential gain. You'll also learn how the new or unfamiliar subjects you read about carry benefits when owning or selling.
  • Buyers can discover where real estate value lies by reading about flipping, staging, renovating, and marketing. Insight into how clever interior design can lull buyers into paying more will help buyers avoid cosmetic distractions. Finding out what can be done with properties that do not show well, can help buyers understand how to see beyond other people's decor to appreciate location and available space. Buyers will also learn that the greatest return may lie with properties that do not show well. First-time buyers, who are squeezed by rising real estate prices, will appreciate how upgrading their way from one property to the next will eventually take them to their million-dollar dream home.

If raw realism is your genre, AARP.ORG might carry the read or listen for you. This organization, along with its website, is an example of many valuable and often-overlooked resources that may not be considered mainstream because of ageism. The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization with 38 million members, is living proof that "aging" is out and "living" is in. This organization is not about old people being stereotypically old, but about exposing ageism and sharing experienced pioneering efforts to live life as it has never been tackled before. The earlier in life you discover how things work, especially regarding real estate, the longer you have to take advantage of this insight. Through its website, magazine, podcasts, videos, events, and much more, AARP offers a wealth of good reading and listening about lessons learned from real people meeting and overcoming challenges. Here's a sampling for your summer exploration:

If you are diagnosed with cancer, which expert should you see first?

  1. A medical specialist
  2. A money manager

Surprisingly, option two might give you the best hope for surviving the disease with your health—and your wealth — intact. Not only are cancer patients 2 1/2 times as likely to declare bankruptcy as healthy people, but those patients who go bankrupt are 80 percent more likely to die from the disease than other cancer patients, according to studies from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center in Seattle. "For many patients, when they get the bills, it can be as bad as some of the side effects of the disease or the treatment," says the Center's Gary Lyman, M.D.

This attention-grabbing excerpt from the June/July issue of AARP The Magazine (print and online versions), makes us aware of how vulnerable our security and our homes are when illness strikes. Read on…"The High Cost of Cancer Treatment[ The High Cost of Cancer"

  • The Perfect Scam: Try out a few 30-minute episodes of this podcast series and you'll soon realize how easy it could be to be the next scam victim whatever your age or status. Listen to the "A Scammer Tells All" episode and learn first-hand about "the rise and fall of one call center employee who scammed victims daily." Do you understand why intimidation and urgency are red flags that someone is trying to scam you into giving them your money and more?
  • Credit Freezes Will Be Freeis one of many news stories covered by AARP that assist readers in keeping up with legal, financial, and social issues and that will help them avoid financial upheavals like identity theft that can put their real estate at risk. In May, Congress passed legislation that will allow people to freeze their credit lines for free. That way fraudsters cannot run up big bills, leaving innocent consumers to battle themselves out of a financial hole. And there's much more...

Summer is an excellent time to begin understanding the many pressing issues that roll around in our heads all the rest of the year, but that we have been "too busy" to deal with. Your real estate professional may be a big help taking this casual reading a step further for you.

Read — online or of f— your way out of a problem or into opportunity while the sun shines.

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