Creating a Home Workout Space Without Sacrificing Style

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You’ve created your ideal home whether it is colorfully stylish and trendy, classy and modern, or chicly eccentric. But it’s not just for looks, it should be functional as well. Besides your rooms and kitchen you might want a productive office space or a workout area. While some homes have ideal spaces that were created with an office in mind, they do not usually have a place to work out. Try some of these ideas to create a workout space without sacrificing style.

The Workout Space

Maybe you have already thought about or tried a temporary workout space. This would be a multifunctional space like a yoga mat that can be set up in the living room then put away. It’s quick and easy and there are plenty of workout routines that can be done in a fairly small space including lifting weights or doing squats and lunges. Afterward you can roll up the mat and put it away. Yoga mats have the added benefits of providing cushion on wood or tile floors and muffling the sound of your feet. If your mat or area rug slips, use rug grippers under them to keep them in place.

If you are able to set aside a space that can always be used as your gym, you can decorate it in a way that inspires a good workout. First, pick an open space such as an extra bedroom, loft, or patio that is low-traffic and uncluttered. Avoid putting objects here that are breakable or hazardous because you could run into sharp table corners or knock over vases during active exercises like jumping and dancing. Make sure that your area is light and well ventilated. Natural light is ideal but you can add other lighting to brighten it up. Keep a fan nearby or make sure your space has AC or windows so you won’t overheat. If you want large exercise equipment, measure your space first to make sure you have room for it.

Stocking Your Home Gym

You will want to make sure you have everything you need but you can still add style. For example, if you workout with online videos or DVDs, you could mount a TV on the wall to give yourself more space or hide it away in a trendy cabinet. If your cabinet has other drawers or shelves, you can store small equipment such as towels, stretchy bands, and small weights. You may wish to hide these things when you are not using them in cloth storage bins or in a stylish trunk or ottoman. On the other hand, you could embrace your equipment. Find towels or weights in colors that match the room so that they become accessories and find a shelving unit to keep them neat and organized. You could also set up a spa inspired water station; place an antique tray on a small table and display tea, your best pre workout supplements or protein bars, and add a wooden vase with a few living flowers.

Give It A Theme

Try finding a theme to compliment your workout. For a bohemian yoga sanctuary, use a large tapestry in warm tones and add a few crystals, an oil diffuser, a salt lamp, or perhaps wicker storage units. You could create a more organic space with plants and a small, calming fountain or a few flowers. Conversely, you might not want this room to stand out so much. Make it flow with the rest of house more and still hint at its purpose with ballerina art by Degas, inspirational quotes, a cork board to post your goals, progress, and workout schedule, or even a bookcase if you’ve created a space that is relaxing enough for reading and studying.

 However you express your style here, remember that your gym decor should be inspiring but not too busy so you can focus on your workout. 

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