Simplify Your Home’s Style with These Minimalist Home Decorating Tips

Written by Posted On Saturday, 30 November 2019 05:30

Minimalist home décor is quite popular these days because many have come to appreciate the beauty of creating a home environment that focuses on clean, simple lines. Far from being just a trend, minimalist home décor is a classic in interior design. Below are minimalist home decorating tips that you can use in your own home.

Stick to A Simple Color Scheme

While white is the popular choice for creating a minimalist home, any understated color will do. A soft grey, an airy cream hue, or a selection of pastels can create a fresh and clean atmosphere. A few pops of colors can be added as long as you don’t go overboard.

Choose Monochromatic Patterns

Minimalism doesn’t mean dull. You can choose to add patterns on your walls or furniture by choosing geometric shapes in small patterns to avoid an overbearing look and minimise visual clutter.

Pace Yourself

Trying to design a space using a minimalist approach can be very overwhelming. Not only do you have to get rid of a lot of things and try to start from scratch, but you also have to deal with the emotional aspect of letting go of some of your things. The best approach is to go from room to room to get yourself used to the process of becoming a minimalist.

Go for An Open Layout

An open layout will give your home an airy and airy feel plus improve the flow of your home. If knocking down walls isn’t an option, try rearranging your furniture to clear up your space.

Get Rid of Clutter

Decluttering your home is more than just throwing out things that you no longer need. Decluttering also means organising the things you have so that they are not out in the open when not in use. Decluttering from room to room is the easiest way to go. If you find it difficult to get rid of certain items, begin by sorting out things that you haven’t used in a year. Chances are you won’t ever use them again so might as well make room for what you truly need.

Choose Modern Hardware

Antique fixtures tend to be on the ornate side. When going for a minimalist vibe, what you want are clean lines with no unnecessary details. Choose fixtures that are matte black or are in metals like stainless steel, chrome, bronze, or nickel because they’re classics that will serve you many years.

Make Way for More Storage

Choose furniture that also doubles as storage or hire a carpenter to build more cabinets and shelving that are practical and will help you switch to a minimalist home. The key to good organization is having plenty of storage.

Decorate with Plants

Houseplants are perfect décor for a truly minimalist home. They invoke a positive atmosphere, fill your home with fresh air, look great with any design or color scheme, and impart warmth to a mostly cold minimalist environment. Try using houseplants for decorating and you’ll surely love the energising and calming effect it has.

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