Decorating Tips for the Open Concept House

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 24 December 2019 05:30

Homeowners are loving the ability to have larger spaces in their home that allow for conversation among multiple rooms. To help you decorate your open concept home, we're going to share with you some of our best tips below.

Rugs Define Space

The whole concept of the open floor plan is to allow multiple rooms to join together as one large area. To break up these individual rooms, rugs are a great asset. Area rugs are some of the best to use in places like the living room or lounge room. They can help to separate the living room from the kitchen in your home. Rugs can help to make your space feel cozy, while still allowing you the ability to enjoy your open floor plan in comfort.

Choose Like Colors Throughout

It's very common for many open floor plans to include a kitchen, dining room, and living room in all one open space. These rooms should have some of the same color characteristics to help bring the room together as one. For example, choosing to use the same color for dining stools and your couch pills can bring them both together. It will allow for a more visually appealing look so that all of your rooms tie together as one major space.

Lighting Changes Everything

While rugs, colors, and furniture can change the horizontal level of your home design, you still need to worry about the vertical spaces. Your objective should be to break up your individual rooms in a vertical sense with lighting fixtures. Having some drop down lighting in the kitchen can help to signify it's own space in your open concept design. In addition, putting a low hanging chandelier over the dining table can allow for a vertical break up in the rooms of your home. There are many different kinds of light fixtures and orders that you can use. The whole idea behind using lighting is to help signify the individual room areas from a vertical perspective.

Always Incorporate Symmetry

One of the key decorating concepts when dealing with an open floor plan is symmetry. When you bring symmetry into your design, it allows for much-needed order. The brain likes order which is why these designs are so beautiful to look at. It's important to note that we're talking about bringing some symmetry to the room with major items and using smaller items to contrast. This is a great mix that will bring a unique look to your open concept designs. Some great ways to add symmetry to a room is to use your large items, such as couches, in double. Put one on either side of the living room table. When hanging pictures, try to keep the same number on each wall.

Designate Focal Points

Each specific room in your home should have a focal point that you design the room around. The focal point is where most people will first look when entering the room. For example, let's say we're talking about an open concept bedroom and bathroom. In this case the focal point of your bedroom may be your mattress because your bed is likely the largest piece of furniture in the bedroom. It's going to be where people's eyes go first. By designing the rest of the room around your bed, you can better incorporate the open concept design in a flattering way.

Decorating for an open concept design isn't overly difficult to do if you know the key concepts behind it. The above tips are some of the basics you should know about when working with an open concept home design. These will give you a great starting point with which to mix your own creativity to fabricate a home design that you'll be proud to call your own.

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