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Summer Décor Trends: What to Look for When Decking out Your Deck or Patio

Written by Jaymi Naciri Posted On Sunday, 15 May 2022 00:00

Looking to redo your deck, patio, or backyard and want to make sure you’re on trend? Sounds like the perfect time for a trip to HomeGoods! We just made our seasonal jaunt and fell in love with so many things that we might need to buy a few more houses to showcase every last piece.

This year, it’s all about color, texture, and a little something different. Here are the six looks we can’t live without for summer.

1. A fancy seating area


We love the intricacy of the pattern on this rattan set (second chair not shown), and it was surprisingly comfortable. Beware red wine drinkers and those with kids: Those white pads may not stay white for long. Also, beware those with animals: it’s pretty delicate. Especially if you have cats that like to, you know, claw stuff. You might want to go with something more sturdy. Still, we love the idea of this for a balcony or private outdoor space that doesn’t see a ton of kid/pet traffic.

2. A fanciful umbrella


Yeah, it may not hold up as well as something with Sunbrella fabric. But it’ll certainly make you feel like you’re on vacation. Go somewhere a little exotic…without even leaving your backyard.

3. Fun little pillows


If you’ve ever been to HomeGoods, you know it’s filled with aisles and aisles of pillows in every shape, size, and color. You can go the expect route with a neutral color story 100 different ways for your pillows…or you can take a little leap this summer. (After all, you can always go back to the store in the fall and change out this inexpensive item.) Don’t you love how fun that palm tree pattern is and how the color gives you an unexpected punch?

4. A whole lotta color


Of course, why stop at just a little color? Seating in a rich hue—one that also happens to be inspired by nature, like this green—can give your outdoor space the jolt it needs.

5. Modern lines


The squared-off shape and gray color gives this set a modern, updated touch, while the worn, wooded touches bring that farmhouse chic vibe. This one is definitely Chip- and Joanna-approved.

6. A bushel of baskets


Woven baskets in a variety of colors and shapes are the perfect way to introduce a worldly, bohemian feel to your outdoor space…except that these aren’t woven at all. Like two of the seating areas above (No. 4 and No. 5), these baskets are made of an easy-care material that only looks like fragile rattan.

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