Problem Area: What Do You Do With a Glass Block Window?

Written by Jaymi Naciri Posted On Wednesday, 04 October 2023 00:00

We've all got one: a problem area you just don't know what to do with. In our case, it's this horrid glass block window in the bathroom. We can't change it out to a standard window because we're on a well-traveled corner lot and the window faces directly out to a street where there is pretty steady car traffic (at least during rush hour) and lot of kids riding bikes in the street and people walking their pets at all hours. 

The window, as you can see, is directly over the bathtub and also right in the line of sight if you happen to be: in a towel, changing your clothes, or in the commode with the door open (It happens.) No one wants to meet eyes with a stranger while they’re on the toilet. 

We also don't want to completely cover over the window because, despite the ugliness of the glass bricks, the natural light is lovely. So, that also knocks out dark drapes; no one is going to be climbing in and out of the tub to open and close them, plus, we’d still see the glass brick when they were drawn. 

There are a few ways we can go to fix this problem, and we’re going through them below. Thoughts? Opinions? Alternate choices? We’re all ears. 

Sheer drapes

Yes, heavy drapes are out because we don’t want to block the light, but sheer drapes could work. Hanging the curtain rod at the same height as the shower tile would also give the space some much-needed symmetry. 


Pretty but expensive. That’s how we feel about shutters in general. According to, you can “expect to spend $20 to $45 per square foot. Wood shutters will run you $200 to $350 per window, while composite shutters cost $80 to $200.”

The per-window cost isn't so bad, but who are we kidding? We know if we start down this road with one window, we’re going to have to do them all. People with shutters—is it worth it?


Frankly, we’re not fans. We have a feeling that if we covered the glass blocks with blinds, the only thing that would change is that there would be two unsightly things on the wall.

Window films

You know we’re up for anything when we’re considering something that is also referred to as a “decal.” But, seriously, these are pretty interesting—especially Rhombus, whose grid pattern might(?) work with the blocks. And then there’s Waves of Sun. It wouldn’t suck to take a bath with a view of the (fake) ocean. Right?

Then there are the window films that give you some opacity without a pattern, like this Sand Privacy Film

Decision, decisions….

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