3 Tips For Cleaning Out Your Garage

Written by Posted On Sunday, 03 May 2020 05:00

Many of us homeowners have something to hide. It is a disaster we spend our lives hiding from. It is something we often go through great lengths to prevent our guests from seeing. If you haven't guessed it by now, it is the garage; we all have garages. Now, if you have a nice, neat and tidy garage then this article is not for you, but if you are like the rest of us, meaning the garage area of your house is a disaster, then go ahead and continue reading. It's time to step up and finish that project that has been hanging over your head for years, and we're providing you with three tips that can help to clean out the garage.

1. Storage Space

For many, the garage turns into a "throw it anywhere" place, and this problem usually occurs due to a lack of storage space. Step one to start the tidying process is to make space. Whether that means adding shelving units to your garage or utilizing color-coded bins, the important part is that everything has a space. Having a storage spot for everything makes organizing less stressful. Next time you will need to store a random object you will know exactly where it goes. 

2. Organize and Prioritize

After you have cleared space in your garage to store all of your items, the next step is to organize and prioritize. Everything will need its own spot or the system will fail. Carefully go through and organize a section for each the diffent item categories you use. How you organize the categories is entirely up to you, just be sure it is a system that makes sense to you. Consider moving items you use frequently to easily accessible shelving units and bumping the Christmas bins toward the back, for instance. Also consider taking a good hard look at items you haven't used in years. Is that dusty, unused wedding gift something you really need to hold on to? Or can you perhaps donate it or sell it online instead? This process can be challenging for many people as they must face the facts that not everything is worth keeping, but it'll work wonders on decluttering.

3. Sell, donate, trash

If that previous step leaves you with a mountain of items to offload, it might be time to hold a garage sale. After all, one man's trash can often be another man's treasure. After the garage sale, consider donating whatever items are left, or checking if a local thrift shop may be interested in buying anything from you. Of course, it goes without saying that anything that is broken, too rusty, or simply too old might be best left for the trash. 

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