5 Ways that Drain Cleaning is Crucial for Your Home’s Routine Maintenance

Written by Posted On Saturday, 08 February 2020 05:00

Most homeowners don’t clean their drains very often, and some homeowners don’t even know how to thoroughly clean their drains at all! The truth is that cleaning your drains is a crucial part of keeping a clean and safe home, and your home’s drains are like the veins that keep everything flowing smoothly.

We’re very fortunate to have teamed up with a drain cleaning services team to help us compile this list of 5 reasons why your regular home maintenance should include drain cleaning, so here they are!

1. Lesser likelihood of blockages

Even the smallest types of clogs like in your sink or shower can slowly become serious home maintenance issues if they aren’t handled thoroughly with professional-grade cleaning solutions. There’s no denying that serious clogs require professional drain cleaning as quickly as possible, but for the regular homeowner it’s the buildup of blockages that they need to look out for on a regular basis.

Letting basic buildup issues persist can sometimes even lead to catastrophic issues like sewer line bursts and leaks, which is always really expensive. That’s why a consistent monitoring of your drains is crucial when it comes to ensuring the overall sanctity of your home’s “behind the scenes” structure.

2. Less Odor Issues

Clogged drains can many times lead to really foul smells because it essentially can open up the airways from the depths of your home’s plumbing system into your bathroom or kitchen. A lot of homeowners have issues when it comes to fully eliminating these smells once they are created, so it makes more sense to always do your due diligence in terms of not letting these smells occur at all.

One of the best ways to avoid these smelly issues is to regularly clean out your drains to ensure that any chances of bad odors are swept away and are kept where they are supposed to be!

3. Maintaining a cleaner home

There is always a lot of bad bacteria, bugs and other chemicals that you don’t want seeping into your home from your sewer lines, which is why clogged drains and any type of overflow is dangerous to your health. When you clean your drains on a consistent basis you’ll end up preventing these bad particles from entering your home, and subsequently putting your family’s overall health at risk.

4. Less Spending

One of the perks of having your drains professionally cleaned is that you can also ask your technician to take a look at your sewer lines for any type of potential damages or maintenance needs. Sometimes homeowners go through drain issues when their pipes are leaking, rusting or when a tree root has penetrated the line.

This is why it’s always good to have a pro come to your home and inspect these potentially costly problems before they get out of hand and cause all sorts of expensive water damages. So in the end, regular drain maintenance can help save you a ton of money if you’re taking it seriously and ensuring that your pipes are in good standing.

5. Safer Outdoor Areas

A bad drainage system is also very detrimental to your front and back yards, including issues like standing water on your lawn, soil erosion, mold, mosquito breeding, and decaying gardens. If you do end up noticing a standing puddle of water in your yard, then this could be the result of a blocked drain or cracked sewer line.

There is always going to be an entire array of issues that drain cleaning can help resolve, and it is always best to have a professional come do these types of plumbing services instead of making it a DIY project. Professionals will always have the necessary equipment to get the job done right the first time, which can help you out in the long run for all of the above reasons!

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