5 Appliance Repairs That You Can Do Yourself (and 2 You Shouldn’t)

Written by Cristina Miguelez Posted On Wednesday, 07 February 2024 00:00

Appliances are integral to our daily lives, and when they stop working the way that they should, it can be a serious problem. Many appliance repair jobs tend to cost a lot of money, and can be time consuming to schedule. In many instances, however, it’s possible to do the repair yourself, sometimes in just minutes. The following five repairs can be done by most homeowners, while the last two should always be left to the pros

Replace the Thermostat in The Dryer

If the dryer isn’t getting hot, it could be the thermostat. The thermostat often breaks and when it happens, the dryer won’t heat up. You can purchase a new thermostat at most hardware stores for under $80, which is a pretty big savings on most dryer repairs, which cost around $180. Follow the manual for your specific brand of dryer to locate the thermostat and purchase the most relevant model. 

Clear the Drain in the Dishwasher

If the dishwasher is no longer draining, it is most likely a clog in the drain. You can clear this yourself in just minutes with the use of a shop vac. Just disconnect the drain and insert the shop vac’s hose. Run the hose for a few minutes, then try the dishwasher again. This method can save you on further dishwasher repairs.

Replace the Fan in the Freezer

If the freezer is no longer keeping things cold, it’s probably the freezer fan. The fan is what circulates the cold air through the freezer, and if it shorts out, the cold air won’t reach to all areas. A new fan is around $85 at your local hardware store, and you can replace it in a few minutes with a screwdriver. Just remove the cover, unscrew and disconnect the fan, and put in the new one. 

Clean Coils in the Refrigerator

If the fridge is not staying as cool as it should, it’s probably because the coils are dirty. These are located under or behind the fridge, and are a collection place for a lot of debris, dust, and pet hair. When the dirt builds up, the coils end up freezing, rather than cooling what’s inside. To clean them, just unplug the fridge, slide it out and go around the back to where you can see the coils. You can use a vacuum, a duster, or a cloth and get them clean. Then just put your fridge back in place, plug it back in, and give it an hour to get back down to its normal temperature. 

Unclog the Burner in the Gas Stove

Gas stoves that aren’t lighting and aren’t giving off a smell of gas may seem to be a big problem, but it’s usually a small issue that’s easily fixed. First just make sure that the electricity and gas lines to the stove are working properly. If the electricity and gas lines are in good order, the burner is probably clogged. Shut off the gas to the stove, then grab a small brush and some cleanser. Clean the burner head well, scrubbing it out. When you turn on the gas and turn the burner, it should light right up. 

When to Call a Pro

While the above fixes can be done yourself with little to no problem, there are definitely fixes that you should call in the professionals for. 

Repair the Icemaker Broken on the Fridge

If your icemaker suddenly dies, and it’s still connected to the water supply, the problem is most likely the compressor. The cost to repair the icemaker can get up to $300 depending on the brand, which is the costliest part of repairing a refrigerator and necessitates some major work on the refrigerator itself. For this one, you need to call in a professional repairman to take a look and do the work. It’s too easy to make things worse in this area, which can lead to a full replacement, so if your icemaker seems to be on the fritz, call in the pros.

Repair the Microwave

There are many things that can fail with a microwave, and all of them require professional assistance. Even if you think that the repair is a quick or easy one, microwaves can be dangerous both to work on and to have working when not in proper repair. They can leak microwave radiation into the rest of your home if not properly sealed when working, so before you start poking around in there, call a professional for help. 

Take Care of Your Appliances

Simple fixes are often all that’s necessary to avoid a big repair bill. Know when you can DIY and when you need to call a pro to keep things running smoothly. 

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