The Best Appliance Trends of the Year

Written by Ashley Sutphin Posted On Wednesday, 29 March 2023 00:00

The last year-and-a-half has been focused on home design. The pandemic has led people to spend more time in their homes than maybe they ever envisioned, and that’s meant a lot of home renovation projects.

Many people are focused on really making their homes completely their own, and that includes when it comes to their kitchen appliances.

With that in mind, the following are some of the appliance trends that are popular right now and can quickly turn your kitchen into your favorite room.

Customizable Refrigerator Doors

Samsung recently debuted a beautiful appliance in their 4-Door Flex Refrigerator. The refrigerator has customizable door panels. You can choose between classic colors like black and unexpected options like pink glass and navy blue glass. There are a total of eight color options, and you can mix and match each of the front panels on the front of the refrigerator.

In addition to being a chic, statement-making appliance, the refrigerator also has five cooling zones, an auto-filled water pitcher, and a complete beverage zone.

There’s another way you can customize your appliances too with BlueStar By Design. BlueStar has a reputation for color-matching appliance finishes, but now you can work with the company to fully customize your refrigerator and range with any graphic.

Hidden Appliances

While some people prefer that their appliances make a statement right now, for other people, they want them hidden altogether. Appliances are increasingly being included in kitchen designs in an integrated, hidden way.

There are a number of appliances being developed that are panel-ready.

Even in kitchens where appliances aren’t fully hidden, a lot of people are opting to put them under their counters to give them more countertop space and make them less prominent.

Professional-Grade Ranges

Since 2020 and into 2021 has given people a lot more opportunities to cook at home, whether they wanted to or not, it makes sense that there’s a growing interest in professional-grade appliances and, in particular, ranges.

For example, Signature Kitchen Suite has a collection of new professional-grade ranges with modalities that include a steam oven, induction, and sous vide.

Decorative Range Hoods

There seems to be a general trend in home design that’s focused on self-expression and doing what feels right for you. With that comes the desire to include a decorative range hood in kitchen design. That might mean something sculptural or colorful, for example, rather than the typical stainless steel range hood.

These hoods can be custom-designed in terms of not only materials and façade but additional features like lighting and dimmer switches.

The Use of Steam

Steam isn’t just popular for ranges and cooking. Appliances are increasingly using vapor to clean. For example, LG has their new QuadWash dishwasher with a TrueSteam feature. This feature can loosen any food that is still on a dish and it can also help reduce water spots.

The SuperSteam built-in wall oven from Sharp heats up at high temperatures so you can grill food without smoke.

At-Home Bars

Whether it’s a coffee bar or a cocktail bar, you might be interested in bringing a bit of the outside world into your kitchen.

Some people are adding wine refrigerators and even wine dispensers. The Dacor company has an integrated wine dispenser that lets you store four open bottles for up to 60 days. Bartesian has cocktail makers that go onto your countertop and create the perfect libation.

As people return to entertaining, a lot of these appliance trends are likely to continue serving them well.

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