7 of the Best Rug Trends Right Now

Written by Ashley Sutphin Posted On Wednesday, 18 October 2023 00:00

When it comes to home design, rugs are one of the best places to experiment, do something a little different and maybe even splurge. Rugs can add color, rich layers, texture, and visual interest to a room. They also warm up a space and can separate open-concept designs, delineating them based on use.

The following are seven favorite rug trends to watch right now.

1. Antique-Inspired

Whether you buy an antique rug or one that looks like an antique, this is possibly the biggest trend in rugs.

Vintage rugs can be used in a traditional, modern, or transitional space. They can add timelessness and a sense of coziness to an otherwise modern space or be perfect for mid-century modern design.

Vintage rugs are something you can buy secondhand, but they can be pricey and difficult to care for. With a new rug, you also get the vintage look and feel for a fraction of the cost. Look for patterns like Persian-inspired rugs. Fringe or distressed details are great too.

2. Warm Neutrals

Natural, earthy, and warm rug designs are comforting right now. The materials used for these rugs include jute, wool, and sisal. Natural materials can be sustainable, and they tend to be durable and stand the test of time. Natural materials are also good for high-traffic areas and give you a rich, organic texture.

3. Washable

If you’re not yet taking advantage of the washable trug trend, it’s worth checking out. Washable rugs solve the age-old problems that come with rugs—they’re easy to take care of, you don’t have to worry so much about mud, dirt, and spills, and you can extend the life of your rug.

You can find washable rugs in every size and design. They’re perfect for kitchens, entryways, hallways, and living rooms. They’re low-maintenance, and you can go with a bold, vibrant design or choose a higher pile height for texture.

4. Be Bold

Speaking of bold rugs, this is a trend in and of itself. Art-inspired patterns are popular, as are deco-style patterns. When you go bold with your rug choice, it becomes the focal point that you build the rest of your space around.

You can tie all the other elements of a room together based on your rug choice. These rugs can spark your sense of joy and creativity and even be conversation starters.

5. Shag and Longer Piles

Vintage rugs are on one end of the spectrum as far as trends in rugs because they’re thin. Then, there is another option—shaggier, thicker rugs. You don’t have to choose a shag rug from the 1970s. Shag rugs are increasingly available in simple color palettes, and the Moroccan shag style is also hugely popular. These rugs feel soft and airy underfoot, in addition to being stylish.

6. Monochromatic Colors

Juxtaposing bold colors are monochromatic rugs. A rug's color schemes that are more subdued might include graphic or bold patterns in very subtle tonal variations. That gives a sense of tranquility and calm in the design of a room, but you still have visual interest.

7. Flat Weaves

Finally, flat weaves are trending in the world of floor coverings. Flat weave rugs are often made of materials that look like natural fibers like sisal, but they can be easier to clean and maintain. Flat weave rugs provide durability, comfort, and function. If you’re going to invest in a rug, a flat weave option could be right for you, simply because they endure a lot and can be easily used in a high-traffic part of your home.

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