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Written by Jaymi Naciri Posted On Friday, 01 August 2014 10:27

Neutral neutral neutral. Boring boring boring.

The fact is that if you're someone who doesn't have a strong color story - or, even worse, has an abject fear of color - your house may be doing you a disservice. Or maybe you're doing your house a disservice. Either way, it's time for a change. Your house should reflect the passion you have for life, right? It's not as hard as you think, and color is a great place to start.

Saturated colors

If you're looking for a color that screams "passion," red is the most obvious choice. "Whether it's used to put a room on high alert with a bright shade of scarlet or to envelop visitors with a cozy, warm glow, red is a favorite color choice of designers looking to make a statement," said Elle Décor. "Full of drama and passion, it's not a color for the faint of heart, but when thoughtfully used—whether on a wall or in a handful of accessories—it can make a room come alive."

Red isn't the only way to inject passion into your space through color. Bright saturated colors like yellow, purple, pink, and even shades of blue like can also do the trick. Dark, moody colors like black or deep gray can also create a sensual feel.




Sensuous Materials

The materials you use in your home can also go a long way toward creating a passionate feel.

A home featured in Elle Décor was designed in such a way as to create sensuous and romantic spaces through the use of different textures.

White sheer drapes create "ruffles (that) do a dance," while other fabrics were chosen according to how they felt on the skin. Exotic accents including a boa "thrown over a dining room chair, or the ostrich feather arrangement on the parlor mantel" are suggestive, playful, and soft to the touch. "A few primitive elements add to the sexiness as well: a snakeskin throw on the dining table, a wild boar skin rug in the parlor, and a cowhide rug in the dining room. Finally, "mirrors and crystal chandeliers evoke sensual style " and pump up the romance.


Lighting that has the potential for creating romance or showcasing your passion can be summed up in three words:

  • Reflective
  • Candles
  • Dimmers

Bouncing light around the room with mirrors or creating dancing light with crystal chandeliers will create ambiance. Candles emit a warm glow, and the flicker may as well be an aphrodisiac. Then add some dimmers, which are key to being able to control the amount of light in a room at any given time. Plus, if you select right, they're good looking too. "Lights on or off? You don't have to commit to either because dimmers are a must, and the Architectural Dimmers by Lutron are some of the most stunning out there," said Beso.

Interesting shapes

Sometimes, creating a space that brims with passion is as easy as filling it with interesting and strong shapes. And before you let your mind wander, we're not talking about anatomical shapes. But we are talking about curves. Need a reinforcement? Check out some of these examples in Details.

For more examples, see Houzz.

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