6 Things You Can Do With One Can of Paint

Written by Jaymi Naciri Posted On Sunday, 17 August 2014 13:14

We always talk about how easy (and cheap) it is to paint your space and make it all look and feel new again. We talk about it because it's the truth. One can of paint is all you need to transform a room, a piece of furniture, a ceiling, or even a space that has no earthly reason to be grand and glam…but you do it anyway. So here, as a testament to the power of the paint, are 6 things you can do with one can.

Paint on, friends.

1. Cover it in fuchsia

Yes, you've been told - warned even - to keep it neutral. Don't do anything that could cause alarm if you have to sell. But hey, it's your house. And the nature of paint is that what goes on now can always be covered over. Click Here for an example.

2. Go for bold pattern

Forget stripes. Go next level with your paint and create a plaid room. Yes, plaid.

You can create a unique space with one can of paint, or, bring in a few more and go full metal Burberry.

3. Break the mold

Or, more, appropriately, create the molding. If you have a room that could use a good dose of architectural interest but you're lacking the cash (or the skills) to install crown molding, paint it on instead. You can up the elegance of a room by faking the molding, and it's easier than you think. Check out a tutorial on creating faux crown molding here.

4. Renew something

Look around the room you're in. Chances are you breezed past at least one thing that makes your face crinkle up into a big pout. If you don't want to replace that old sideboard or dresser or wooden chair, slap a coat of paint on it. Same with the old mirror you bought at the garage sale and that's been sitting in your garage. And even the old rusty metal accessories you've tired of. Learn how here.

5. Make it dreamy

Any reason why that ceiling has to be white? No, no there's not. But don't just paint it any old color. Go for the gold. The metallic gold. Not you've got a space that sets an elegant tone and gives you something to look up to.

6. Pretty up a utility space

Your laundry room isn't the place you typically want to find yourself, but you just might if it looks like this.

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