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Ingenious Storage Options That Will Change Your Life

Written by Jaymi Naciri Posted On Sunday, 25 January 2015 04:12

Most conversations about storage, and about moving up, for that matter, make us think about George Carlin. If you haven't seen his "stuff" rant, you should definitely check it out (there may be a bad word or two). He has a point, and yet…we still need more room to put our stuff. And since we don't see ourselves chucking it all and going full nomad, we're always super excited to learn new ways and find new places to put it all.

Here are the ingenious storage solutions that'll help us all make room for all our stuff.

Take advantage of the space under the stairs

Whether it's pullout drawers, the flip-up kind, or built-in wine storage, under-the-stairs storage just might be the very best kind of storage. Check out Bob Vila for more ideas.

Under the bed storage

We're not talking about shoeboxes–although do what you have to do if you're short on closet space! Ingenious ideas for under-the bed storage include pullout drawers that provide deep storage for linens, and a flip-up bed that you can store a up to 26 cubic feet of stuff under. And if you want to go all out, there's this platform storage option that is unique and utilitarian.

Built-in kitchen nook

The advantages of the built-in eating area include:

1. It's cozy
2. It's chic
3. It takes up less space than a traditional table and chairs
4. It's a great place to store some kitchen essentials

Yes, we're always looking for places to put our cookie sheets, Pyrex, and muffin tins. We mean tablecloths, placemats, and fancy napkins. Either way, a flip-up or liftoff bench, or large drawers as part of your eating nook will give you useful storage.

Toy storage

You can replicate the look of the built-in seating and create a charming and useful kids storage/seating area with these IKEA Kallax shelving units turned on their sides and topped with pillows.

A few bins inside help you keep everything tidy. Shelving on the back of a kid's closet door can also provide a convenient place to store books, puzzles, and art supplies.

Use those cabinet tops

Just because you don't have cabinets that go to the ceiling doesn't mean you can't have convenient kitchen storage. Make the open shelving trend work for you with framing that extends the look and function of the cabinets.

Or, spend a few bucks and bring in a few baskets for a rustic look that can store small appliances, extra dishes, or cookbooks. The same idea works in bathrooms and on top of large pieces of furniture.

Don't forget about bottom cabinets

In many cases, base cabinets are designed as one open space, which doesn't allow for much organization. You can use every inch of the space in there and double your storage by adding a stepped shelf inside each set of doors. Adding a tension rod gives you an easy an inexpensive way to hang spray bottles under the sink.

Maximize your closet space

If you haven't double hung every inch of your closet, built or brought in shelves where you could and turned the back of the door into a shoe holder, you're wasting space! Here are some more closet tips, like adding rows of molding inside your closet to hang your heels.

Over the door

It's not always about creating more space, but about using the space you have more wisely. A simple shelf on top of your bathroom door gives you an added storage option with a quaint look.

Laundry room

Under-appliance pedestals with drawers can provide more storage space in the laundry room that's lacking. But if you don't have space for that either—or if you don't want to spend the money, a shoe organizer hung on the back of the laundry room door makes a good substitute.

A great hiding place

If you need a good hiding place to store an extra key, some emergency cash, or some valuables, try this:

"Glue old book spines to a box for hidden storage. Leave the front cover on one of the books and the back cover on another to use as the sides of your box," said DIY Home Sweet Home.

Need even more storage ideas? Check out Real Simple and Pinterest.

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