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9 INSIDER Design Inspiration Trends

Written by Posted On Monday, 02 February 2015 19:04

Trade shows are inspiration engines. Interior design trade shows, by their very nature, rev up inspiration even more.

The recent 17th annual Interior Design Show, known fondly as IDS15, had mental sparks flying for interior designers, media, and exhibitors alike.

Here's 9 INSIDER IDS15 DESIGN INSPIRATION TRENDS to spark creativity and insight while buying or selling dream real estate:

#1 An Inny or an Outie?

According to BLANCO National Sales Manager Steve Guterres, when it comes to kitchen sinks, personal preference wins. Since both cut-in undermount and stand-out topmount sinks have strong pluses going for them, color is now the deciding factor. Guterres says Metallic Gray is hot, while white and black sinks are on fade out. FYI: BLANCO's PRECIS model is a dual-mount so every need can be served.

#2 Scale Up...Size Matters

NATIVE TRAILS commits to big impact with a small ecological footprint. Now, it has ramped up detailing and design to offer high-quality artisan-made concrete and hand-hammered copper trough sinks and more, in sizes up to 72" to match the ever-enlarging trend in bathrooms. Founder & CEO Naomi Neilson Howard and Eastern Regional Sales Manager Stan Artman personally introduced design professionals to the details that ensure products have durability and sustainability built in…like natural jute fiber in concrete to reduce weight, cracking, and staining.

#3 Get in Shape Hexagonally Speaking

The new shape of things to come mimics nature—the hexagonal. Bee hives are nature's ultimate social environment, just ask the bees, and now carpet tiles and ceramic tiles bring this creative edge to our spaces.

DOMUS by Ceragres

#4 Knock, Knock2open

MIELE premiered its no-handle Knock2open Dishwasher, which opens to a double, hands-full-of-dishes tap.  "It's all about the ranges!" was the answer to "What else is hot for 2015?"  Miele Canada President Jan Heck said, "We began by deconstructing the category - stripping away all conformity in favour of individuality." Touchscreens, automatic programs, and integrated cooking methods guarantee hassel-free, restaurant-quality results.

#5 Camouflage Is Hot

What you don't see is also important to successful interior design. CAMOUFLAGE HEATERS can pop up anywhere in a home or cottage as a mirror, ceiling panel, piece of art, or blow-up of your great photo. As add-on or backup heating, these visually-deceptive heaters combine ease of installation, with reliable, healthy infrared warmth. Bye, bye baseboards.

#6 Local Adds

IDS15 demonstrated the 21st-Century strength of "local" by showcasing a wide range of accessible innovation. The emphasis on local and regional manufacturers has never been stronger. Now that everything is available everywhere, local gems can represent the exotic elements in design. There's also the affordable quality factor. PARIS KITCHENS, established in 1902, is an example of a regional resource that commits to quality and competitiveness on all the levels that matter.

#7 Design Swings

CAESARSTONE stole the show and proved its point with "Swings," an interactive installation of 12 "jump-on-board" swings set in a large, minimalist environment. Collaborating with designer Philippe Malouin, CAESARSTONE demonstrated "their ongoing commitment to creating new platforms for design" and put their premier quartz surface materials to work to emphasize strength, durability, and design. "Swings" illustrated the trends toward more playful environments in essential corners of home and toward surprising juxtaposition of form and function in everyday settings.

#8 Beyond the Usual

Dave Hill of ROMAN BATH CENTRE emphasized that it's not just hot pinks, greens, and other hues that have popped up to replace white for bathrooms, it's time for a material change. Now, it's vibrant, back-painted tempered glass fixtures and accessories, available as components which facilitate customization.

#9. Thinking Outside The Pot

AGA MARVEL showcased AGA cast iron cooking where the stove surface itself replaces the skillet, frying pan, saucepan…for cooking outside the pan. Although the first AGA installation took place more than a century ago, these luxury appliances have remained environmental (70% recyled) and lifestyle trendsetters. The new slim cast iron range comes in a condo-friendly 24" and 15 decor-inspiring colors.


  • For more on IDS15 exhibitors and to access IDSTalks by International Designers: interiordesignshow.com.
  • IDS Feature Exhibit: Cubitat. Urban Capital and Nichetto Studio "developed a three-metre cube with plug-and-play elements that seamlessly reveals and hides the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, entertaining and storage areas."
  • Visit PJ Wade's http://www.thecatalyst.com/blogto learn more...
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