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Five Mental Make-Overs to Wipe-Out This Invisible Undermining Force

Written by Posted On Monday, 16 September 2013 18:09

We are obsessed with "the latest" in everything from fashions to home furnishings. Make-overs are standard requirements for kitchens, bathrooms, and every corner of our lives. All this modernizing, and yet too many people persist with out-of-date dreams about real estate.

Whether you call it your "forever home" or your "dream house," are you sure your personal real estate goal itself has been modernized and made-over in the same way you expect the actual real estate to be?

Procrastination, the easiest, difficult thing you can do, is usually the culprit when goals are out of date:

  • Procrastination is as easy as postponing instead of doing, deflecting instead of committing. For instance, procrastinate by lying to yourself and others or by justifying, and time requirements are extended, outcomes are compromised, and energy and resources are drained.
  • Procrastination is difficult because while it does not eliminate the task in question it adds work. Effort goes into perpetuating the delay and, inevitably, into "facing the music" even though no progress is made. For instance, procrastination involves mastering excuses. This means an excuse is your first response—often before you think about what has happened and what you can do about it.

Hold it, you say. In this column, our focus is real estate.

Ask any experienced real estate professional and they'll tell you that these misplaced reactions, and the procrastination that causes them, undermine buyers' and sellers' dreams and goals more than external forces like interest rates.

Procrastination, in any form, is the invisible real estate expense that is not measured in economic evaluations of real estate markets, nor in financial statements or personal budgets. Can you think of an example when unnecessary delay cost money or the real estate of your dreams?

  • Have you taken so long to act when you saw a home you liked that it was sold out from under you, or you ended up in competition?
  • Have you been "forced" into buying or selling because you let back-to-school pressures for the kids dictate your time frame?
  • Have you left arranging or renewing a mortgage to the last minute, so there's no time to shop for the best terms.
  • Have you talked about homeownership for years and whined about how expensive it is without setting up a budget and saving goals to get you there?

The infuriating thing is that procrastination is often something people are very proud of - a skill to celebrate. Even though procrastination requires creativity, it is not "doing nothing." Nor is it a positive activity, but a tribute to feelings of inadequacy.

Remember, what has been learned can be unlearned. Your thinking, or lack of it, can undergo a "mental make over." With conscious effort, the undermining habits of procrastination can be replaced with productive self-discipline skills. Tackle real estate with the help of knowledgeable, experienced real estate professionals. The results of taking positive action, confidently making decisions, and following through with real estate should encourage you to wipe out procrastination in other areas of your life and work.

Which of these five "mental makeovers" are a great starting point for you?" Consider whether your real estate goal needs an overhaul or at very least some on-target professional real estate input as you modernize your thinking:

  • Are you selling your future short?

    Whether you are self-employed or a career employee, how often do you give your attitude toward work and income a make-over? If you just plod along focussed on the same outcomes you had when you started, you may be shortchanging your future. If what you know about real estate comes from the media or the internet, you may not really know what is going on in your neighbourhood. Contact a local real estate expert to discover what your future could hold.


  • Are you too indecisive and wishy washy?

    Procrastination is a decision - a choice to delay, defer, and possibly miss out. Lack of knowledge creates fear of decision making ("What if I make the wrong choice?"). Real estate professionals are trained, not to make decisions fortheir buyer or seller clients, but to assist these clients in making decisions with confidence which they can live with. Learn about your choices and that knowledge will draw you into good decisions.


  • Are you receptive to a "mental make over?"

    Faced with a decorating do-over, you might dive right in. Direct that same enthusiasm for a refreshed perspective toward yourself, and you'll see just how distracting much of your out-of-date thinking is. You may be suffering from the mental equivalent of an avocado-colored fridge or popcorn ceiling on the brain. When you change your image of yourself, you'll behave differently. See yourself as a doer, you'll take pride in your ability to see beyond decor when viewing a house or condominium, or to put a shine on the real estate you're selling that dazzles buyers. Ask your real estate professional to help you keep your money in your pocket by learning to look beyond marketing and media hype to discover the true value of real estate that could be your dream house with a little TLC.


  • Whose life are you living? Too often individuals and couples do what is expected of them without stopping to question what they could do and what they'd love to do. They follow stereotypes blasted at them from television shows, magazines, and the internet instead of deciding what suits their unique needs and goals.


  • Is your mind free to embrace possibilities? Remove the clutter of "I should be..." thoughts and leave room to create, plan, and enjoy. Lighten your load. Guilt for what you should have done or not done through the last decade weighs too heavily on your mind to keep your thinking flexible now. Let go and move on. Start fresh with a real estate professional who only sees all that is possible for you. You'll discover there's more you can do about today and tomorrow when you leave the past behind.

    PJ's TIP: "Onward & Upward" has long been my motto and my mantra since these are the two directions that really matter when intent on achieving goals and overcoming barriers along the way. Get started now by repeating...

    Onward & Upward, the directions that really matter.


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