A Quick Downsizing Quiz For The Undecided

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On the fence about downsizing? We help you decide whether that fencing should encircle a mansion or a mini trailer.

We all consider downsizing for different reasons. Maybe we’re sick and tired of the maintenance and upkeep of a large home. It could be that we’re weary of the financial burden, or of being tied to a house and yard. Perhaps we want a smaller footprint for greener living. But is downsizing really for you?

If your circumstances make downsizing a necessity, go for it and decide to love it. But if you have a choice in the matter, take a few minutes with what I call the Knee-Jerk Reaction Test to see if downsizing is really for you. Gather a pencil and paper, look at each picture below and write down the number next to the response that most closely matches your own.

Ready? Here we go.


1. This is my dream home!
2. Lots of roof there to maintain.
3. All I see is time and $$$$.

Fredericksburg Cottage

1. I don’t think my grand piano will fit through the door.
2. Must be nice having time to sit on the porch.
3. When can I move in?

Tiny Tea House

1. Is this the garage?
2. I’d have to get rid of a lot of stuff, but maybe it’s time.
3. We could live on the road and visit the grandkids whenever we wanted!

Coastal Retreat

1. Where’s the kitchen?
2. It calls to me. But where am I going to put the Cuisinart, the KitchenAid mixer, the coffeemaker, the espresso machine and the countertop rotisserie?
3. As long as I can find the microwave, I’m good.

Award-Winning New Home in Cazadero

1. This is a bedroom I would love to live in.
2. I could probably get along without the fireplace.
3. How many people sleep in this room?

Beach House

1. I am so not ready to give up my king-size bed.
2. At least there’s room for a chair to throw my clothes on.
3. All I do is sleep there, anyway.

Locust Hills Drive Residence

1. Finally! A laundry room that fits my family!
2. Hopefully I’ve outgrown the need for multiple machines.
3. Looks more like a Laundromat than a laundry room to me.

Minneapolis Center Hall Colonial Addition and Classic Whole Home Remodel

1. And just where am I supposed to fold the 15 loads of washing I do each week?
2. Maybe this would discourage my son from bringing home his laundry.
3. Compact, functional, no piles of clothes … I like it!

Master Sweet Blue

1. My partner and I both work from home, so this shared office is a good idea.
2. This office makes me tired.
3. Just give me my laptop and a Starbucks!

Cole Street

1. How can you expect me to accomplish anything in such a ridiculous space?
2. This could work if I culled my files …
3. Genius use of closet space.

Stephanie California Closets

1. This closet might work for my partner. But where’s mine?
2. I wish my closet looked like this.
3. Anything I haven’t worn in the past year gets donated, so this is perfect.

Forster road house

1. Cleaning gutters and working all day in the garden is my idea of a good time.
2. I am seriously getting too old for this.
3. I’d rather golf, read, drink, watch TV, shop or travel than work in my yard.

Cottage Update

1. Where would I play croquet?
2. Wow, I could weed this in five minutes.
3. Someone pour the wine!

OK. All done? Now add up all the numbers you wrote down. If you scored:

13–21: You are definitely not a candidate for downsizing, and can totally ignore my next several ideabooks.

22–30: Brace yourself - there is a move in your future. You are definitely showing signs of being bitten by the “maybe it’s time to downsize” bug.

31–39: Call the moving company! And watch for the next installment in this series on the secrets to successful downsizing.

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