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Lesson Plan For The Future – Change

Written by Posted On Friday, 19 July 2019 05:00

There is a big difference between evolving change, and a Paradigm Shift.

A Paradigm is a model, a set of something is done. Paradigms are everywhere. There is a paradigm of football, and then there is a paradigm of American Football.

Paradigm Shifts - A Fundamental Shift in the way something is done.

Examples of Paradigm Shifts:
From Swiss Movement Watches to the Quartz Crystal
From Film Photography to Digital Photography

With all of the new business models in the rel estate industry, billions of dollars in capital, and new ideas around what it means to own real estate...

Is the real estate Industry facing a Paradigm Shift, or just more of a slow evolution from the way things have always been done?

If it is truly a Paradigm Shift...when do you move to the new Paradigm?

"Leaving one paradigm while it is still successful and going to a new paradigm that is as yet unproven looks very risky. But leaders, with their intuitive judgment, assess the seeming risk, determine that shifting paradigms is the correct thing to do, and, because they are leaders, instill the courage in others to follow them."

Joel Barker - Future Edge

When a Paradigm shifts, practitioners of the old Paradigm have three choices:
• Keep your paradigm; change your customer.
• Change your paradigm; keep your customer.
• Change your paradigm; change your customer.

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Saul Klein

In 1948, doctors told my father that his life aboard submarines on war patrol in the South Pacific and the depth charging he experienced had rendered him sterile. Although controversial and not widely applied, he was treated with an Ayurvedic therapy called “shivambu.” If you are unfamiliar with this term, I recommend you Google it because against all odds, I came to exist.

That was a loony segue into my life but is a fitting precursor to a career that would be just as incredible.

Like my father, I joined the Navy. However, due to a medical inconvenience, I was honorably discharged after 6 years of commissioned service, all on Sea Duty. This was an opportune misfortune that led me down the path to a successful career in real estate. Both my father and grandfather flirted in real estate brokering and flipping part-time, and I followed suit but making a lifelong career out of it.

With over 40 years in real estate, it is impossible to talk about my experiences in this small window. But I can proudly say that I am well-recognized as an industry pioneer, especially in real estate syndication and education, and one of the few luminaries that paved the way for real estate’s transition to the online world.

Some highlights of my life’s work:
● Co-created ePRO, technology certification course that certified 70,000 students
● Created the first online communities for real estate professionals to network, learn, and sell
● Created "Opt Out" Listing Syndication, aggregating over 1.4 Million Listings in 18 months
● Built the #2 National Listing Syndication Service, Point2 Technologies, sold to Yardi in 2010
● Founder of the California Association of Buyer’s Agents
● Member of the first Team, pre-IPO, responsible for obtaining first 500,000 listings
● Helped Zillow and Trulia build up their MLS data inventory

Today I continue to lead efforts that bring new technologies to the real estate industry. Feel free to reach out and learn more.

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