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Off MLS...Pocket Listings, Coming Soon...or whatever you want to call it...

Written by Posted On Sunday, 17 November 2019 05:00

A big topic of discussion for the next few days will be the NAR proposed Clear Cooperation Policy.

This is a "stake in the sand" issue from my perspective.

There has been too much "cheating" for too long with late Listing submission to MLS, and now with such a blatant self serving strategy by a major brand, the time to get serious is now.

In the grand scheme of things, the only reason to withhold a listing from the MLS is to double end the deal. I know...privacy for the seller...but this would be a rare occurrence, and not a standard occurrence. One company is abusing this "exception to timely submission of a listing to the MLS.

We'll see how much courage the directors have when they vote on this on Monday.

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