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Structural changes are taking place in every aspect of the workplace. The real estate industry is not an exception. The way our members sold real estate 10 years ago is not the way they sell it today and the way they sell it today is not how they will sell it ten years from now. Their market, job description and needs are being transformed. Driving forces and concepts affecting and threatening our members and our associations as they currently function include:

Board of Choice
Public access to the MLS
Agency liabilities
Loss of MLS to outside entities, which results in loss of MLS income Buyer Brokerage/Broker Compensation
Alternative revenue sources
Decreasing membership
Staff driven Vs volunteers drive, the dynamics of changing leadership Added value, more for less
Dealing with the "I want it all, I want it now, and I want it for nothing" syndrome
Decrease in available volunteer time as time becomes more valuable and the membership shrinks

But in every threat lies an opportunity, an opportunity to ride the forces of change in the direction in which it is already headed, and reaping the benefits.

The time to deal with all this change is now. The margin for error is slim. Associating leaders, staff and volunteers, must create the Association of the future or their Association of the present will perish! Our industry is going through nothing less than a "Paradigm Shift." As stated by Joel Barker, author of Future Edge, when a paradigm shifts, everything goes back to zero. Large associations and small, rich and poor, it matters not, all are in danger of extinction. Become the creator of your future, not the victim.

Creating a future by design instead of a future by default requires being able to deal with massive (and increasing) amounts of information in a fast changing environment.

The problem is, few people know what to make of it. So instead of knowledge being power, random knowledge is just information, and too much information leads to confusion. And technology continues to quicken the pace. Associations across the country are talking about it. The question is what are they doing about it and is it enough, or is it too late?

We are experiencing more than "Change"; it's a "Revolution", of greater historical significance than the Industrial Revolution.

"The world is in the midst of the greatest social, economic and technological explosion that has ever been experienced. The question each of us must ask is: Do we want to be part of it"?

We will witness in our lifetime a greater change in the job descriptions and skills of workers than took place during the industrial revolution. Real estate is not an exception.

Understanding, identifying and capitalizing upon change will make the difference between economic (and personal) success and failure. Remember, change does not happen all at once. It is constantly taking place, unseen by most. Only by becoming an astute observer will you benefit form the opportunities created by global transformation.

This is not the age of information. It is the age of applied knowledge. Information out of context is worthless, yet information framed in the right context can be worth millions to someone who knows how to apply it.

Congratulations on reaching the highest elected office of this association. Read this manual as early in your President - Elect year as possible. Refer and add to it as often as possible...pass it on to your successor.

Have a great year. And take advantage of the great learning experience in front of you.


To download the manual in its entirety, click here.   

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