The Paradigm Shift Questions

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Are you beginning to prepare for what is next? Are you ready to take back your future?

The Paradigm Shift Questions..

Ask them to yourself, your friends, your colleagues, your family...ask them often:

What is currently impossible to do in your business, and if it were possible, would FUNDAMENTALY change the way you do business?


What is currently possible to do in your business, and if it were impossible, would FUNDAMENTALY change the way you do business?

A key to using these questions successfully as you work to define your future is understanding the extent of change represented by a FUNDAMENTAL change, and then being able to create your vision of that future. Going from sail power to steam power is an example of a fundamental change. Another good example of a paradigm shift is the move from expensive Swiss Movement watches to inexpensive digital watches.

Drew Uher, CEO of Homelight, at an Inman event in January spoke about consumer expectations and being able to deliver 5 areas of service to real estate consumers:

1. Home financing that delivers certainty
2. Creative down payment assistance
3. iBuyer Offers
4. Home trade-in options
5. Liquidity without having to move

His closing remarks are one person's vision of the residential real estate agent of the future: "Be the App Store, not the App."

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