The Future is Already Here: How The Us Navy Prepared Me For A Career In Real Estate And Real Estate Technology

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The technologies that will change your life tomorrow have probably already been invented.
I began to see the future of technology when I was a Midshipman and then as a young naval officer.
When I left the Navy and got into real estate, technology was just beginning to rear its head in the real estate industry...and I had already seen the future in the Navy.
First Image - USS Mount Vernon and my flight deck crew off the coast of Subic Bay:
Upon graduation from the United States Naval Academy, I was assigned to a brand, spanking new ship...USS Mount Vernon (LSD 39) as the A (Auxiliary) Division Officer, with a collateral duty as Flight Deck Officer during flight operations. (Mount Vernon had a helo pad on the aft quarter of the ship).
We deployed to the South China Sea/Cambodia/Vietnam in 1973.
Mount Vernon, as I said, was brand new. She was:
Steam driven - as were most US Navy ships of any size at the time (to this day, our carriers are steam driven, with the heat source being nuclear instead of fossil fuel).
No Computers except fire control computers, which had specific purpose (aiming the guns).
After leaving Mount Vernon, I reported to the Pre-Commissioning Crew of the USS Elliot (DD 967) as Navigator.
Second Image - USS Elliot Commissioning Ceremony
When a US Naval vessel is commissioned, the "Watch is Set" and it runs continually until the ship is decommissioned. Tradition has it that the ship's first Navigator sets the watch.
Elliot a new class of Destroyer and we commissioned her in January of 1977, the fifth ship of the Spruance Class.
The concept, plans, and design for the Spruance Class Destroyers were conceived in the 1960s, and I studied about what the future warships might look like in 1968 when I was a Plebe.
Elliot was:
Gas turbine driven (DC 10 engines adapted for marine use...LM 2500 Gas Turbines.
Variable pitch propellers - for ease of control and maneuverability.
Fully computerized, which included electronic navigation systems which negated the need for celestial navigation, just for starters.
The next class of warships is already here. Technologies used by the defense department often gain commercial viability in following years.
The technology that will advance the real estate industry, and your career, is probably already here.
There is a period of time, between the discovery of something, and mass awareness of that discovery. This period of time is sometimes referred to as Lag. Lag is often where you will find the greatest opportunties.
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