The technologies that will change your life tomorrow have probably already been invented.   I began to see the future of technology when I was a Midshipman and then as a young naval officer.   When I left the Navy and got into real estate, technology was just beginning to…
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Are you beginning to prepare for what is next? Are you ready to take back your future?
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One of the strategies used by technology companies since the launch of Realtor dot com was the threat to go to the brokers if the MLS did not comply with the tech company...Looks like Zillow is still using that playbook.
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Seems that there are a ton of informative articles and webinars to fill our time at home during these uncertain times. A consistent favorite are those offered by T3 Sixty, such as the recent webinar "T3 Sixty Social Connecting: Bigger Picture: Learning Opportunities, Emerging Strategies, and Lasting Innovations on April…
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The following call for traditional residential brokerages to redefine their businesses to address their shrinking bottom lines is excerpted from Swanepoel Trends Report 2020 
Posted On Sunday, 29 March 2020 13:36 Written by
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