Tuesday, 21 January 2020
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Agent Resource Center
The economy is cyclical. The phases of the Business Cycle can be expressed as: Expansion, Prosperity, Recession, Depression...and the cyle repeats. Economists began tracking business cycle activity in the 1850s and have tracked some 30 plus turns in the Business cycle since the tracking began. One significant and defined turn…
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Protect - Control - Monetize (PCM)... The following eleven drivers of data monetization will help you craft a business case: 1 Increasing customer acquisition/retention.2. Creating a supplemental revenue stream.3. Introducing a new line of business.4. Enabling new markets.5. Enabling competitive differentiation ("Be different or charge less.")6. Bartering for goods and…
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Real Estate is a "relationship business" and relationships are built upon a foundation of trust. Trust is a confident relationship with the unknown. Trust is a major component of innovation and economic development and it is a critical ingredient of entrprenurial success. How does one build trust (and confidence) in…
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Your "Vision" Statement indicates a future state, as opposed to your "Mission" Statement, which can be defined as your purpose. At the point in the future when your Vision is running on all cylinders, how would you describe your company. A Vision Statement is in the present tense..."We are" or…
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Whether you have been in the business 20 years, or if you just received your license yesterday, some thoughts for your consideration about selling a real estate sales practice... Selling a real estate practice is easier said than done. Few I have ever met, at the agent level, have been…
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