Seems that there are a ton of informative articles and webinars to fill our time at home during these uncertain times. A consistent favorite are those offered by T3 Sixty, such as the recent webinar "T3 Sixty Social Connecting: Bigger Picture: Learning Opportunities, Emerging Strategies, and Lasting Innovations on April…
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The following call for traditional residential brokerages to redefine their businesses to address their shrinking bottom lines is excerpted from Swanepoel Trends Report 2020 
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The following is an excerpt from Swanepoel Trends Report 2020. Trend 07: MLS in Jeopardy: Can the Industry Pull Together?” -- available at Although companies are not necessarily building these platforms to compete with MLSs, they will soon exceed, or circumvent, the listing service MLSs offer. This leaves the relevance…
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Will You Survive Untill 2025 Or Will You Be Eliminated? Knowledge is Power, Knowledge is a Differentiator. See Saul's Keynote PowerPoint discussion - Link to Keynote here
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To download the complete paper, please click here. 
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