Saturday, 18 January 2020
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Agent Resource Center
MLS is the most valuable tool of those who list and sell residential real estate, and it is being threatened on multiple fronts. What would you do if the MLS had only the listings brokers cannot sell themselves inhouse (Dual Agency)? If you have followed me at all, for any…
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The Challenge is to the Offer of Compensation to Agents Representing Buyers, by Agents representing sellers, through the MLS. The claim is that it is anticompetitive. When looking at these cases, remember that MLS did not emerge in a vacuum but over many years, with input from a host of…
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The 15th Annual Trends Report - 2020 Edition, is due to be published soon... Each year for the past 14 years, Stefan Swanepoel and T360 publishes Trends Report of the real estate industry. It is always a great read for anyone interested in what is going on in the real…
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What specifically was the reason(s) you decided to get into one of the toughest businesses on the planet? For me, as I was preparing to separate from the Navy after 10 years, I wanted to stay in San Diego, my family and my "wife to be" lived in San Diego.…
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These stats mean nothing without the context, but I found them generally interesting anyway :-) The USA’s Most Profitable Industries (and average profit margin) 1. Transportation (Railroads), 50.93%2. Real Estate (General/Diversified), 41.23%3. Tobacco, 31.42%4. Banks (Regional), 28.99%5. Cable TV, 25.44%6. Investments & Asset Management, 24.52%7. R.E.I.T, 24.44%8. Beverages (Alcoholic), 21.47%9.…
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